How To Drape Bajirao Mastani Style Nauvari Saree?

Indian Sarees

Lugade, kashta, sakacha, etc these are a few names which the nauvari saree is also known by. Draped mostly by the women of Maharashtra this saree is a nine-yard banarasi silk saree is mostly known as brahmin nuavari saree from the ancient times and recently came to be recognized as Bajirao Mastani’s Pinga dance saree. Let’s have a step by step look at how to drape this Indian saree.

How to Drape The Pinga Saree?

In order to drape a saree, like in the pinga song you will need a silken maroon saree with golden borders. Put on the blouse and the tights and then start draping the saree. Firstly, from approximately about one metre, get your pallu pleated and pin them. Now you need to bring your saree towards the front from the back and tie a knot on your waist. Hold the pallu and the drape and bring them to the front by draping it from the left to the back. Now pin it to your left shoulder. In order to make adjustments to the front drape border, wrap it and tuck it on the waist.

Bring the middle section to the front by bring back the drape in order to create the dhoti style. For creating the pleats for the lower skirt, keep aside the top two pleats. Arrange all the pleats and tuck them to the waist now hold all the pleats and tuck them. Cover the pleat bundles by making use of the waist border. The saree which was brought from back to front to make the dhoti, cover the kela and the remaining saree is to be tucked to the waistline. Now create a large cowl by pulling out the border placed inside towards your left leg. Now place a beetle nut at the border of the saree and fasten it with the help of a rubber band and on the left part of the pleat, tuck it. Adjust the shoulder pleats and here you are ready with the pinga dance saree.

For more information on buying such silk sarees online and the tricks to drape the pinga saree, please read the infographic attached.

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