Difference Between Designer and Niche Fragrances

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Perfumes are a mixture of essential oils and aromatic compounds that emits distinct fragrances. Splashing out a beautiful aromatic fragrance of your choice is a perfect treat for most of us.

Nowadays, fragrance experts have divided these fragrances into two categories—designer fragrances and niche fragrances. Let us understand why is that so?

Designer Perfumes:

Designer perfumes are the most popular and are easily available and can be found on any high-street market. Designer fragrances are affordable and hence worn by people on regular basis. If you are a beginner, starting with designer perfumes is the best option for you.

Designer fragrances are solo brands or are sold by fashion or lifestyle designers. Fashion houses use perfume as a tool to advertise their brand and business. They produce either cologne or perfume. Perfumes are concentrated scents that contain up to 30% of perfume oil, which makes them last longer, as oil does not evaporate quickly. Cologne, on the other hand, contains a very less concentration of oil, maximum up to 15-20%. Therefore, Eau de cologne or Eau de toilette fragrances are the least expensive type of designer perfumes.

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Designer perfumes generally have more alcohol compared to niche ones, so they do not last for a longer period.

Niche Perfumes:

Niche perfumes are custom-built fragrances by artisan perfumers who follow a strict code of conduct. They use the highest quality ingredients so that the perfume produced is rich and of superior quality. Niche perfumes, due to the use of natural ingredients, do not harm or irritate your skin.

These perfumes by artisans are crafted with the passion that gives long-lasting experiences and is capable of drawing attention. These perfumes are often handcrafted and are available only in showrooms and dedicated shops. The richness of natural aromatic compounds present inside the bottle makes it exclusive. They stand out in the crowd.

Each perfume serves its purpose and is unique in some or the other way. If you are looking for cheap fragrances, we have gathered some of the best designer fragrances for you.

Designer Fragrances

Ralph Lauren:

An American fashion designer partnered with the L’Oréal brand, manufacturing popular fragrances for men and women. Romance by Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular fragrances for women. The scent induces a fruity floral fragrance.

Calvin Klein:

Another fashion brand known for its minimal and classic style is also successful in the industry of fragrances. One of the best perfumes launched by CK is Eternity. It has timeless and has a masculine fragrance. It is an expression of both contemporary and classic notes of aromatic compounds.


Diesel is an Italian brand of clothing. The brand is known to have an innovative marketing approach, because of which it has introduced its fragrance line. Only The Brave Street by Diesel is a fragrance that has wooden spicy notes. Inspired by the expression of new energy, it gives life a new perspective.

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The brand has launched a new fragrance called Sauvage, an aromatic fougere fragrance for men. The scent is inspired by a wild and open space, having a fresh and raw composition of ingredients.

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