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gta v gauntlet locations

GTA V Gauntlet

IGN’s Grand Theft Auto 5 Walkthrough contains Gauntlets 1-2-3, pre-Heist missions. In this guide, we will cover each main story’s mission strategy, as well as the required Gold Medals. Learn more about GTA5 Cheats, Easter Eggs, Other Players, Strangers and Freaks, and much, much more on IGN’s GTA5 Walkthrough. Upon learning that the needs three modded Gauntlets for the heist, Lester will send an email to each protagonist.

Located on top of the multi-level parking lot in Pillbox Hill, one Gauntlet is parked. Michael is going to drive it. In Rockford Hills, next to the Caca store is the second Gauntlet, located behind a Vangelico store. Trevor will be driving it. In Mission Row, on the southeast side of Legion Square, is the third Gauntlet. It needs to be cleaned to cost $54 for repair. A Franklin will be driving it.

To complete the heist, the player must purchase all the necessary upgrades. After the car is delivered, the player must visit a nearby lockup to retrieve it. The players can choose when and how to collect the vehicles, and there is no time limit. Please note that you do not need to steal the three specific Gauntlets Lester found; you can choose any three vehicles you want.

Mission Objectives

Go to Customs in Los Santos and steal the getaway vehicle. Get the necessary modifications for the car. Place the getaway vehicle in the locked-up car. Let the car be locked up. Objectives for the Gold Medal. All three vehicles must be locked.

There is a picture of a Gauntlet to be delivered in the email, on the emails, including the car location. The Gauntlet can be delivered without damage. The closest customs area to Los Santos Airport is the Los Santos Customs. You can repair the car as long as they are still in transit. The Gauntlet was pimped out by spending $17,000. The suggested modifications cost $2000. Even though all mods are free, Franklin can still do it if he uses the LSC shop near Sandy Shores after buying the car.

Gauntlets cost

Players should consider that upgrading Gauntlets costs money, which reduces the amount of profit they will be able to earn. Players can also upgrade only one vehicle with the Obvious method. The cars Franklin brings to Los Santos Customs in the Grand Senora Desert will be modified for free as long as he has already bought the shop. For $32,000 each, three Gauntlets can also be purchased from, provided the player has a garage. Gold medals are not achieved by this method since it requires players to steal them from specific locations.

The exact location is not displayed on the world map does not matter because you will find it without a problem. A clue is provided in Lester’s e-mail, specifically the two pictures that show the car and the map area. Your vehicle (Bravado Gauntlet) is parked in a small parking lot in the Mission Row district, directly across from the Templar hotel. Below are screenshots showing where exactly your vehicle is located.

The Los Santos Customs garage is located near the airport, i.e., on the city’s south-western edge. Drive to it (unobstructed) and leave it there. Stay away from anything that might cause further damage along the way. Start by buying the parts in the garage. You may purchase additional upgrades, such as armor at five thousand dollars and bulletproof tires at four thousand dollars if you have more cash on you. The modified car should be driven carefully to the hideout from the garage. After parking the car outside, walk outside.

Bravado Gauntlet

GTA 5 features a 2-door bravado that is called the Gauntlet. Dodge Challenger’s body shape is the basis for Gauntlet’s distinctive lines, and the model is heavily influenced by it. Also, the Challenger follows the design of 1970 E-Body muscle cars, giving it an appearance similar to the Plymouth Barracuda, 1970-1974, while the side scoops mirror those on the 1971 Challenger R/T.

It can go from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds thanks to its strong engine with 423 horsepower, but it can spin out occasionally. Despite its above-average top speed, it can’t beat the Vapid Dominator’s acceleration. A carburetor engine is used in The Gauntlet, as is the case for the Dominator and Cheval Fugitive. No reverse lights are provided in The Gauntlet.

Bravado Gauntlet in GTA 5


USD 32,000

Top Speed

300 km/h

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Location of the Gauntlet

  • In front of Life invader headquarters.
  • There is ample free parking along Rockford Hills, near the Caca and Winfrey Castiglione shops. The Truffle Adder can also be found at this location.
  • It is located on Pleasant Street at Vespucci Boulevard, near the La Puerta Freeway overpass, on the top floor of a garage in Little Seoul.
  • Vinewood Hills, southeast, at the parking lot of a large theater.
  • Often seen at night when gang members are having car races at the sewer tunnel exit or the southern part of the LS River storm drain.
  • On the southern side of Vespucci Boulevard on Mission Row.

Mission “Gauntlet” consists of stealing, preparing, and delivering three Bravado Gauntlets. When you haven’t picked the best hacker in previous heist preparation, finding locations where you can steal them is even harder, but you don’t need the best hacker for this mission since you can see their site here. In GTA 5, the franchise tapped into an aspect that had been explored before, though on a much smaller scale: heists. As well as being a massive part of Story Mode, heists formed the core of what made GTA 5 so special.

Players in GTA 5 participate in elaborate heists that usually involve some setup, drawing inspiration from some of the best Heist movies of all time. The player has to procure three Bravado Gauntlets and mod them with specific instructions to complete the game’s biggest Heist, appropriately titled “The Big Score.” To select the Subtle approach, you must first select The Big Score. The three Bravado Gauntlets act as getaway vehicles when the protagonists drive off with the Gold in GTA 5.

Where are the venues for the Gauntlet?

In Pillbox Hill, a parking garage is where the first car is discovered. Drive up to the parking structure’s roof where the gauntlet is located, then go to LS Customs in your vehicle. In Rockford Hills, you may find the second.

Does GTA 5 have a hellcat?

The Gauntlet Hellfire, which is modeled after the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, uses the inside of the Buffalo STX as inspiration for various other vehicles in the game. Buffalo Bravado STX.