Top 10 Problems With HP Printers and Their Solutions


HP printers are not reliable printing machines, and they can sometimes fail despite all your efforts. Why? You might be displaying error messages or a malfunctioning HP printer. We have provided solutions to 10 common HP printer issues.

Toner can smear or not fix the page.

The fuser should be checked. Replace it if it is getting near the end. You can refer to the HP printer support manual if you are unsure how to replace a fuser. Occasionally, the fuser shows a Clean Fuser Input notice. This is an indication that the user needs to be cleaned. Open the HP printer’s front door. You should see a blue bristle inside the printer. To reach the fuser input, take the toner cartridge from the printer.

You will find the assembly on top of your black toner cartridge port. Clean the body with a blue brush. This is the HP Color LaserJet 5500 printer’s cleaning procedure. You can refer to the manual for a different printer. It may not be a fuser. The toner cartridge could be defective or near the end. You will also need to replace the cartridge in this case. Clean the cartridge assembly of the toner cartridge if it is not defective or nearing its end.

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Paper Jams

Paper jams are a common problem with printers, not only with HP printers but all printers and models. There are many reasons why paper jams can happen, including torn paper bits or the wrong paper tray, the wrong type of paper, loose paper roller, and lint. Pay attention to the paper tray and the printed piece’s end. Remove any paper bits stuck to the tray. Ensure the paper tray contains the correct type of paper as indicated on the control panel.

The printer will have to deal with a paper jam if it is not the same. Check that the paper type matches the properties of the printer. Correct it if it is not. Make sure the printer prints on the correct paper tray. Failure to do so will result in a paper jam. You can tighten the roller if it seems loose. The roller may need to be replaced if it looks shiny. You should never pull paper in an anti-direction. Permanently remove it in the paper direction.

Windows sends print jobs wrongly to the printer.

This happens when Windows chooses a default printer for you. Windows 7 users can click the Start button and point at Devices and Printers. There are many printers under Printer and Faxes. Right-click on the printer you wish to use and then click “Set as default printer.” When prompted, confirm your action and exit Devices and Printers. Restart your printer and computer. Recheck the print page. Windows should print to the accurate printer.

Click the Start button to open Window XP’s Control Panel. Double-click Hardware, Sound, and Printers. Right-click the printer you wish to make default and select Group as Default Printer.

Stop working Print Spooler.

This is a problem that HP printers often have. This problem can be solved by clicking the Start button and pointing to Run. Enter “services msc” without quotes in the Run dialog box and hit Enter. This will open the Services window. Look to the right for Print Spooler. Right-click it, and then select Restart. Once prompted, confirm the action and then close the Services window. If prompted, restart your computer. Once you are done, print a page.

50.4 error message

A problem with the power supply usually causes this error message. When your printer’s power cord is connected to a UPS or power strip, it can occur. This error message can be cured by plugging the printer directly into a powered outlet.

If you print too many copies, they will have spots.

A printer can often print light or unevenly if the ink toner is dry or clogged. The ink toner cartridge should be removed. Use a soft cloth to dip into hot water or alcohol. Then, rub the soft cloth carefully against the print head. You can also rub the soft material under the nozzle. This will allow the printer to print correctly and soften the ink. Place the ink cartridge in its original place. Recheck the page by printing a test page.

Error message number 69. x

This message indicates that your printer is experiencing a temporary glitch. This message will disappear if you turn off your printer and wait 10-15 seconds before turning it on again. This will reset your configurations and get your printer back to working order. If the message persists, turn off your computer and printer.

Error message 10.

A Supplies Memory Error causes this error. The error could be caused by various reasons depending on the model of your HP printer. Turn off the printer to resolve the problem. After waiting for 10-15 seconds, plug the printer back into a power outlet. After it is done, plug it back into the power outlet and turn it on. Once it is done printing, recheck the printer. The printer should now be working correctly. Your printer’s memory may also be damaged. It is possible to replace the memory stick.

You cannot fit more text onto the page.

Your default printer settings might not allow you to print large amounts of text on your page. Sometimes you might have to shrink the reader on a sheet. Go to Printer Properties in the Control Panel to fix this issue. 

To accommodate more sheets, you can modify the settings of your printer. Click the drop-down menu for Pages per sheet and posters to change it to 2, 3, or 4 pages. Click the OK button. Your printer model may have different settings. For the correct settings, refer to your HP printer support manual.

Wireless printer problems

Wireless printers can be used at home and in the office. They are not as fast as wired printers in terms of speed. Users of wireless printers often experience slow printing. Use a unique channel number to ensure your wireless printer runs at a reasonable pace. Place your printer near your Wi-Fi router. It would help if you kept cordless phones and security alarms out of reach of your wireless router. These gadgets can cause electrical interference, which can slow down your printer’s ability to function.