Learn how to make perfume boxes more secure with a short budget.


Making the perfume boxes secure is the way to ensure the safety of expensive perfumes. Here is how you can make them secure in every manner while using a small budget.

Perfumes are a vital part of vanity and one’s collection of fashion items. But, ensuring safe shipping is essential so that people can get their favorite perfume without any inconvenience. Therefore,  perfume boxes are the top priority of brands to give a smooth experience to the buyers for their purchases. Cardboard material is sturdy enough to resist all physical harm. Apart from the safety aspect, this packaging solution highly facilitates grabbing the attention of customers through custom options like embossing, scoring, foiling, and die-cutting. Printing of the promotional design over them also fulfills the marketing needs.

Keeping delicate perfume bottles safe from physical harm is a challenge. Only better-customized packaging can save them during the lengthy shipping, stacking, and other processes. So, businesses need to improve their perfume boxes to avoid damage to the brand image. Here are some ways by which you can make this packaging type more secure for fragile perfume bottles. 

Revise box size

The size of packaging you have chosen for the custom perfumes boxes wholesale is highly responsible for the safety of delicate perfumes. Startup brands usually search for perfume boxes near me and start using them without considering this impact. Loose box size will allow the perfume bottles to move freely inside during shipping or carrying them in any way. It could result in the opening of the box, and cologne can come outside the box. The best way to deal with this problem is to get the box right according to the size of the perfumes. Make sure that there is no additional space. Several packaging firms offer such customized packaging solutions according to the desired box dimensions. 

Test the boxes

A tragic shopping experience for consumers can mutilate the brand image. So, it is best to test the custom perfume boxes before considering them for commercial use. You can ask your packaging partner to do it on your behalf. All the expert packaging firms have created a testing environment in their labs where they test the box by passing them through all the possible challenges. Ensure to conduct multiple tests, including Cobb’s test for humidity, puncture resistance test, or fall from height test. This testing environment will help you highlight the weaknesses of the packaging that you can eliminate accordingly. 

Utilize custom inserts

The usage of inner packaging is also a technique to make the perfume box packaging secure and reliable. Bubble wrap and some other methods are pretty famous in this regard. However, it is essential to opt for such methods that also enhance the packaging and product aesthetics of expensive royal perfumes. Custom cardboard inserts made exactly according to the dimensions of the perfume bottles are the best technique in this regard. Both foam and cardboard inserts are extremely popular among businesses dealing with fragile products. Along with safety, these inserts elevate the presentation of perfumes and grab the attention of consumers. 

Use tamper-resistant features

The shipping process involves several steps where the items are less protected to reach the clients safely. Anyone could open the packaging and use them or could replace them with ordinary ones. Perfume boxes in the UK are designed while equipping them with temper-resistant features. The usage of security labels is a popular methodology in this regard. These security labels are printed with bar codes that highlight that either the box is opened or not on scanning. Moreover, the usage of security seals, temper evident tapes, and tags is also a reliable method in this regard. 

Use quality materials

The materials chosen for the production of perfume box packaging are primarily responsible for safety. Low-quality materials that are recycled several times are unable to ensure protection because of having a short lifetime. Therefore, use corrugated or rigid cardboard in this regard. Some other popular options in this regard are the bux board and kraft paper stock. You can increase the layers of cardboard material to increase the thickness of the walls. It will enable packaging to resist the pressure applied during stacking in the warehouse or during the shipping process in transportation means. 

All these ways of making the perfume boxes safe for shipping and presenting in the retail market are highly effective. Moreover, they ensure safety without any increase in the actual costs of the packaging. This safety assurance in the minimum budget facilitates the startups to win the trust of consumers more easily.