A Few Factors That You Must Consider Before Choosing an International School in KL

international school in kl, best secondary school in kuala lumpur
international school in kl, best secondary school in kuala lumpur

The quality of education that your child receives in school plays a pivotal role in the future of their life. Proper education not only provides fine-tuned knowledge to the students but also assists largely in building their character, personality, and confidence. There are hundreds of schools today to choose from, but you must find the one that is most suited to your child. Finding the right school for your kid can be tough and confusing. This blog will make it easy for you as we have listed down a few basic factors that you must not neglect to find the perfect school for your child.

Check for these features in the best International school in Kuala Lumpur (KL) 

Qualified & Experienced Faculty 

Teachers are the backbone of a school. Like the best secondary school in Kuala Lumpur, the school that you choose for your child must have attentive, qualified, experienced, and interactive teachers. A good school will organise yearly training sessions for teachers to update their knowledge and teaching approach. 

Go Through the Academics 

A strong academic schedule or brochure shows a school’s intention to teach systematically. The curriculum that the school follows must be beneficial and communicative with every student. The curriculum must include classroom learning, learning essential life skills, and physical activities. The curriculum should not be a burden to the kids in any way. 

The School’s Values 

The school must adhere to solid values to encourage the students to lead a life of principles and integrity. Apart from the academic curriculum of the school, the values of a school signify its mindset and exactly what type of future leaders they are preparing. 

The School’s Culture 

Schools will always provide a mix of values, culture, and traditions among students and it undoubtedly has a positive impact on them as it opens up the horizons and perspectives of the world. However, the overall school’s culture is crucial. A healthy school environment will encourage both the teachers and the students to do their work proficiently. 

Safety & Security 

The school must be a place where your kid is absolutely safe and secure. A safe school like Best Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur’s environment encourages a student to explore themselves, grow and learn without any fear. Students spend most of their time in school during the day and hence, it must be a safe place. 

Extracurricular Activities 

Quality education is far more than classroom studies and lectures. To make a student physically fit, organising various sports activities is vital. Extracurricular activities assist in exploring the strengths of students and building their personalities. 

Transportation Time 

Apart from boarding schools where students stay in dormitories inside the school premises, the transportation time to reach the school matters a lot. If the school is far away from your house, chances are that the long journey every day might have a tiring effect on your child. Your goal is to choose the best school near you. 


The future of your child depends largely on the schooling that they get. Hence, choosing a good school for your kid becomes an absolute necessity. Opting for worthy schools, like the best international school in KL ensures that a student’s future is in safe hands. Parenting brings a whole lot of contentment and happiness, but it is also entitled to many responsibilities. 

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