Victorian Dollhouse Kits for Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Dollhouse Makers


Victorian dollhouse kits make it easier than ever to put together a dollhouse in your favorite architectural style. They come with everything you need to finish the dollhouse, exactly as it looks in the photos, regardless of your level of expertise.

Below are a few selections from Dollhouse City:


Victorian Cottage Jr. Dollhouse Kit
The Victorian Cottage Jr. from Real Good Toys, available on Dollhouse City, is one of the easiest to build in Dollhouse City’s vast collection of Victorian dollhouse kits. The exterior walls of this quaint miniature cottage are made with ⅜ inch thick milled MDF with the sidewalls already grooved for ease of installation. It’s 9 inches tall from floor to ceiling and features two floors that are connected with a staircase that comes with the kit. Inside, you’ll find that the windows and doors already come with interior trim. Despite its compact size, it’s still highly customizable with its movable room dividers that allow you to fit 5 rooms depending on the layout. It’s a great first project for the novice dollhouse maker.

Charlotte’s Manor Dollhouse Kit
This is yet another best-selling Victorian dollhouse kit from Real Good toys that includes many of the features you love from the Victorian Cottage Jr. dollhouse kit. It, too, is 9 inches tall from floor to ceiling, but offers up to 9 rooms that can be decorated and furnished to your satisfaction. It’s also expandable, with additions that are sold separately. Charlotte’s Manor is expertly crafted from the inside out, taking many of your needs and desires into consideration. Grooves in the sidewalls make it easy to assemble, and it even features slots in the floor should you wish to run electricity through the dollhouse.


The Painted Lady Dollhouse Kit
Inspired by the Victorian Painted Ladies of San Francisco, this is a fine dollhouse kit that showcases the intricate details you love about the era. Standing at a grandiose 42 ¾ inches from top to bottom, it truly exemplifies the Victorian architectural style, Like the other selections on this list, The Painted Lady Dollhouse has been pre-cut with precision engineered parts, making it easy to assemble. The oval windows and doors also come assembled, too. You can add more dividers to customize the interiors further and create more rooms, or expand the dollhouse with additions such as banisters and railings, sold separately.

Princess Anne Dollhouse Kit
While smaller than The Painted Lady, the Princess Anne is no less magnificent. It’s 29 inches tall and features 6 rooms that can be further segmented with additional dividers. You’ll love the fancy detailing on the porch column and balconies of this resplendent dollhouse. The doors and windows also come pre-assembled, saving you the trouble of putting them together yourself.


New Haven Dollhouse Kit
This is a 1-inch scale unfinished dollhouse kit that offers plenty of building and decorating opportunities for the expert dollhouse maker. With a height of 42 ¼ inches, the interiors can be split up using the included additional dividers to create up to 13 rooms–more than enough space for all of your favorite miniature furniture and knick knacks. The stunning detail isn’t just on the outside, either. The staircases, banisters, and landing rail have all been crafted and cut beautifully. Looking to create a massive dollhouse mansion? You can purchase the two-story addition kit separately and build it to the left or right for even more room to play.

Queen Anne Dollhouse Kit
The Queen Anne is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to Victorian dollhouse kits. This magnificent mansion of a dollhouse is 49 inches tall and ships in two boxes, as a single box can’t fit how glorious it is. It features a grand entryway, unique beaded moldings, and a two-story gazebo wraparound porch. The detail is exquisite, from the porch posts and spindles to the custom-designed pre-assembled windows and doors. It also features a unique side opening design for easier access to play and decorate.

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