Security Screen For Sliding Door: Each And Every Thing You Should Know About Security Screen For Sliding Door

security screen for sliding door


In modern life, sliding doors add a lot of beauty and value to the house. They are likely to be the first choice of every house honor because these doors give you a direct and massive sight of the outside scenarios. The other advantage of these big sliding doors is if you want to enjoy the outer breeze inside your home. You slide away from these screens and get beautiful views and fresh air while sitting in your home.

With all these benefits, sliding doors also have some drawbacks. These doors are vulnerable to burglars as they find it very easy to break into the house through these sliding doors. So, here the need for the security of these sliding doors is important. This article will learn about the security screen for sliding doors in detail. So, without further due, let’s know about this security screen.

Purpose of the security screen for sliding door

The primary purpose of the security screen for the sliding door is to protect these doors from vandalism, thieves any other objects that could break into your sliding doors. If you further elaborate on the purpose of the security screen, you will know that these screens are heavy-duty and robust. Once you install these screens, the need to replace these screens is infrequent.

Security Screens

You can install security screens on your home or office sliding doors. If you look at the security screen, you will think of the insect screen because both of these screens look alike. The purpose of the insect screen is to provide you security from the insect, and the goal of the security screen is to protect you from thieves.

The screens made for the insects are fragile in the sense of strength. But the security screens are made with the most challenging stainless steel wire. These stainless wires are joined in different ways to provide you with the security you want. The type of net used for making screens determines the level of security you achieve. The frame of these security screens is also made with flowing heavy metals.

  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Both materials give you an extra level of security. It is also be noted that at this point, the size of these security screens also can be different according to your need and requirement.

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Different types of security screens for sliding door

There are different kinds of security screens present in the market these days. Some common types of these security screens for sliding doors are described below.

Security screen for protection from insects

These are the cheapest security screen that is currently available on the market. Because these screens are used to get fresh air into the house while providing adequate security from the seasonal bugs and insects entering the house, these screens are made from low-strength fiber to high-strength aluminum mesh. Both types of screens are fixed in a frame made of steel aluminum. The color of the security screen can be customized, which will help you keep your house’s overall look unique.

You must remember that you can not use this type of screen to achieve high-level security for your house.

Security screens

This screen is potentially used to save your home from thieves and robbers. The wires used in this screen are made of structural metal, mainly alloy. Alloy makes the strength of this type of screen nearly double that of traditional screens. This type of screen also gives you another benefit: a clear outside view, as these security screens for sliding doors do not have any screws, which can be a hurdle in your line of sight. This type of screen is proven to make your home safe from intruders by restricting them to only staying outside of your home.

Stainless steel security screen

Suppose you want to secure your sliding door from any external interference. In that case, many adequate locks are also used to strengthen the screen further.

All these things ensure that they can meet any security standard for your sliding doors. Cutting down this screen is also impossible. Because these screen has gone through a lot of test like:

  • Knife sheer tees
  • Impact test
  • Anti- Jemmye test
  • Pull test
  • Probe test.

The other benefit of this type of security screen for your sliding includes safety from bushfire, and insects, allowing full ventilation, screw, and rivet-free frame, and a clear outside view.

The advantage of installing a security screen for sliding doors

There are a lot of benefits to installing the security screen for your sliding doors. Some benefits are listed below:

  1. Fresh air and light
  2. Improve the appearance of the house
  3. Security
  4. Mental peace
  5. Privacy
  6. Safety of pets and a little child

These are some main benefits of installing a security screen for your sliding doors. This security screen has many other benefits, which you can experience when installing these screens.

Which screen material is ideal for sliding doors?

Aluminum is one of the greatest materials for screen door mesh because of this. Aluminum wire door screens are sturdy and long-lasting. The rust is stopped, and the weave is strengthened by a protective coating. For improved sight, aluminum screens lessen the glare that enters your house.

Can a sliding door that already exists have a screen added?

Not only is it feasible to install a screen door to a sliding patio door, but real estate experts strongly recommend it. It’s a worthwhile investment, even if simply for the increase in your home’s value.


So, it is concluded that security screens for sliding doors are essential for your home safety. While providing security for your home, this screen will also give a great look to your home and increase its value.


  • Can security screens be installed on sliding glass doors?

If you add security screens, you will prevent criminals from popping the lock on your sliding glass doors and breaking the glass. Using sliding security screen doors is the most efficient way to gain total peace of mind and keep your home looking attractive simultaneously.

  • How do you secure a sliding glass door?

Security bars make the door more secure. The metal bars are foldable and can be braced to lock the sliding glass door. Installing the lock is not difficult. It is also possible to secure sliding glass doors by installing a secondary lock after the first lock. An auxiliary lock is usually placed on top of the door frame.