Practical Spirituality: Healing Depression IIB

Spiritual Healing

In our last article on depression we discussed the need for work on the self image. This is the second article on how to build and strengthen your self image to live a more joyful, satisfying life. You may be one of the people who think they don’t have any self image problems if you are not depressed. You may feel like a winner, but it may just be that you have bought into the artificial self image created by this society. Much of the western self image comes from the ones that we see on television, or in magazines. Most of the time we don’t look like those images of the beautiful people. If we do we often feel good about ourselves. We get little perks for looking like them, but we won’t for long. Our looks and physical abilities will fail some day, so a lot of money and time is spent trying to maintain what is temporal, or trying to create what is artificial.

The truth is, however, regardless what the media shows, we are much greater than the physical shells in which we find ourselves when we look at the bigger picture. In actuality we are beautiful, powerful creatures even if we don’t look like TV stars or perform like profession musicians or sports figures. What makes us that way is Ausbildung Geistiges Heilen something inside. We have the power to choose what is good or bad for us, what is beautiful or ugly, what clothing looks good on us or not, and how we want to live our lives. This power has been stolen from us through the use of slick adds and mental manipulation, but we can take it back. The first step at reclaiming our humanity is to go inside to find our beauty, instead of looking outside for it, or performing like a trained pet to have it bestowed upon us. Think about it for a moment. Who are you really under all of that stuff?

A long time ago

A long time ago when the first cell formed on earth it was formed from diverse, but complimentary elements. A few lipids and proteins found each other, combined and life began. On one strip of protein a record was kept of how the combining happened so it could be replicated. This later became the DNA that exists in every cell. As time passed several smaller proto-cells joined together because of mutual attraction and mutual benefit, to create a organism that ultimately resembled our cells. The universe was pushing life-forms to become more and more organized, as if it were creating something. Experiments of new organisms were going on everywhere.

That same life force, the same creative energy and mutual attraction that formed the first cell is still working today within you. Generation after generation two cells came together and literally destroyed themselves to create offspring. Out of the love and combining of organism after organism you arrived. Millions of lives and deaths took place so that you can be here right now, and so that you can pass on the gift that you have been given to the next generation. The universe is like a large puzzle and every person is like a different piece. Without you plugging in and passing on your specific personality and gift, the universe will be incomplete. We don’t know what your gift is. Sometimes it is passed on from a parent or life circumstances in a negative way, or sometimes in a positive way, but it is always passed on. What is your gift? What is the characteristic that you have and can donate to make the world a better place? Think about this for a moment. Everybody has one. Finding your gift is the first major step in your journey upward from the well of depression.

As you are thinking about

As you are thinking about it take a look into a mirror. I would suggest that you look into a mirror for at least five minutes a day. Look at your face, look at your body, look into your eyes. Turn your head slowly and see how it moves. Think about this miraculous thing that you call a body. There are more than 16 trillion cells in your body and more than 200 types of cells. All of them are working in unison to help you move, speak, and think. Every muscle, and every bone is readjusting itself in a millisecond and rebalancing the body so that you can make the slightest move. These cells are a network of individuals communicating with each other through the exchange of chemicals and electric stimulus. Each and every cell has certain pods where they can receive information from the other cells. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be from an outsider to think that someone can feel bad about this miraculous being because the face doesn’t look like one of the especially chosen faces on television, or the body doesn’t look like somebody else’s? It seems almost laughable, doesn’t it?

If you have been waiting for a miracle to make your life great, or to make you feel good about yourself, look into the mirror again. Your miracle has already come. It is you. You are a bit of heaven and earth combined. You have the power of thought and imagination. With that and just a bit of patience, you can make your dreams come true. First you have to know what those dreams are, and they have to be your dreams, not someone else’s. Secondly, you must know how to maintain a playful attitude and be willing to keep going, especially when you don’t add up to someone else’s standards. Do your passion. Measure it’s worth by how much you enjoy it and how hard you are trying, and you will find that your life is getting better and better. Your life will become more joyful and you will remember who you really are. You’re identity is what you make it, it is not to be determined by anyone else. As you begin to realize this, you will be free to unfurl your wings like the great eagle you are and soar.