Microsoft has discontinued Xbox One consoles

Microsoft has discontinued Xbox One consoles
Microsoft has discontinued Xbox One consoles

Microsoft has discontinued Xbox One consoles

Microsoft has stopped manufacturing all Xbox One consoles, to focus on the production of next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X/S, The Verge reports.

In this way, Xbox One consoles have been completely discontinued. First, there was the Xbox One X and Xbox One S digital, just before the launch of the Xbox Series X / S, and now it joins the list of consoles that have passed away, the Xbox One S.

Cindy Walker, director of marketing for Xbox consoles, confirmed to The Verge the cessation of production of the previous generation consoles:

To focus on Xbox Series X/S production, we halted production of all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020.

The funny thing is that the decision to stop the production of Xbox One consoles was in 2020. Throughout 2021 the consoles that were sold were the remaining stocks of the different distributors.

This decision was the logical step for Microsoft to follow. Phill Spencer, head of Xbox, recently said that the Xbox Series X/S is selling faster than any previous generation of consoles , despite the fact that the Xbox Series X has had limited availability around the world, including Mexico.

In contrast, the cheaper Xbox Series S can be found available in various international stores. In Mexico, the Xbox Series S is currently available on Amazon Mexico.

It’s funny how this move by Xbox is the complete opposite of what Sony did. According to a Bloomberg report, as PS5 production has been hit hard by chip and component shortages, their strategy is to continue PS4 production, even though production was expected to end in 2021. 

End of an era in Games with Gold: Microsoft will stop offering Xbox 360 games on the service

So far we have come. Microsoft has taken the definitive step that Sony already took years ago with the works of PS3 and PlayStation Plus. Xbox Live Gold will stop offering Xbox 360 titles as of October 1 of this year and it is letting subscribers of the service know so.

Through The Verge, we can read that the company warns of the upcoming change with emails and uses as the main reason for taking this course that “we have reached the limit of our ability to include Xbox 360 games in the catalog.” 

This modification also affects Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users, who enjoy the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

Thanks to existing backward compatibility on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, it has been possible to continue incorporating Xbox 360 works into our personal library. However, Microsoft already warned last year that the capacity limit had been reached due to “technical, legal, and license restrictions.”

It’s not all bad news. All console games obtained through Games with Gold can continue to be downloaded without problems, even after you unsubscribe. Now the question remains in the air as to whether the number of works we receive monthly will be modified, which will only be from Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. safest YT