How to Make Fashionable Kraft Boxes for Cosmetic Products?

Cosmetic boxes

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Cosmetic boxes share a major credit for overall cosmetic sales. Other than the quality, the packaging is the key that attracts people at large. It is necessary to pick up the right kind of packing for your cosmetic products if you want to build a name. Cosmetics are delicate products that are why their boxes and covers need to be the same way. In case of irrelevant style and size, the production efficiency will be of no use.

The packing attracts the consumer and makes the product highlighted among the rest. Therefore, you need to learn the art of making and designing custom cosmetic boxes.

Identify the product

The very first and basic step you need to consider is product identification. It is necessary to know what kind of product you have to pack. In cosmetics, there are numerous products ranging from lip colours, pencils, shades, foundation and much more. All of these are in multiple styles some are in liquid, some in boxes, some in sets and some in cylinders. The most important point is to gather all these and pack them well in cosmetic box packaging. So, pick up the product type and its form whether you need to go for a liquid, powder, gel or spray kind of product. Then you will have its basic pack, container or box that needs a real makeover.

Pick up colours wisely

For cosmetic brands, colours are always important. Ladies love the cosmetic counters because of their colours, vibrancy, peace and diversity. Not all cosmetics have the aloud colours neither all of these are baby blossoms. There is a mixed variety and it is the real beauty of the cosmetic industry. Now, you need to pick up the cosmetic box colours for your product. Make sure it will complement the product and its purpose or your brand. You can have multiple options to pick up the colour combination. First, can be your brand signature, second can be your product type and third can be your intuition for the appealing colour.

Who is your target?

To get the ultimate pack designs of your cosmetics you need to identify the target in the first place. It is necessary to know who is going to buy the product. The cosmetic range for youth and elders is different. Moreover, organic users prefer to have organic style ancient type packing. While the youth believe in glam and attraction. Therefore, the end consumer is the key to a perfect design overall. It helps you to make real progress in getting the right stuff in your hand.

Remember three-layer rule

Whenever designing custom cosmetic boxes you should never forget about the basic packaging rule in the cosmetic industry. It is a three-layer rule. The rule defines, there should be three layers of packing you need to have before the product. It is necessary to give your product a three-layer pack so the consumer can have an idea about its delicacy. Good packaging plays a psychological game. The more you invest in packaging more you have invested in your product. It increases the overall worth and value of the product.

Choose catchy patterns

The next thing comes up with the patterns. For the boxes, it is necessary to have some specific kinds of patterns. You can never go for plain and random style packing. There should be some interesting patterns that will grab consumer attention. It increases the curiosity among the users and develops their interest in the product. Moreover, people love to have things that do not make any sense to them.

Play with curves

The basic packing or the final shape of the product so have some curves of its kind. Packing the stuff with s simple and random method seems boring. You have the option to play with curves and be creative. Make sure to use these product curves to the fullest and have your kind of innovation.

Wrap it nicely

Once you are one with the boxes, design, style, colour and every other detail. Then label is properly by using attractive fonts and styles. It is your final wrap up so you need to add all the minor details such as tag lines, ingredients, social cause tags, warnings and much more.