Can people see what you like on twitter ? Alarming For Your Privacy!!


Social media networks are now the most important thing for most people. Many people believe that this form of socializing is a good choice because it allows you to connect with people from all over the world, make new friends, learn a lot. And share your opinions and interests with the people you like. Twitter found on these sites is one such site that is very popular in the online community. There are several reasons why you should have a Twitter account.

Easy to use

Twitter is very easy to use. Very easy to use and navigate the pages. This site is very easy to work with, no need to panic to go through complicated steps to create an account. When you use Twitter, all you need to do is connect with others to let them know what you’re up to.

Message popularity

Twitter is the online version of your mobile phone. Using your cell phone to send messages to friends is a very popular way to keep in touch with your friends, and now Twitter lets you do it for free. There are no charges for messaging on Twitter, just like your mobile phone.

The power of adaptation

You can use buy likes twitter for almost anything. You can link to other blogs or forums. Twitter allows you to use it with many other applications and this versatility has made it popular today.


Twitter is a place where people often post information about their lives that can be accessed by other Twitter users. This way you will discover what customers are doing. And learn new trends and perspectives from people you don’t know. This way you can develop a good network of people and friends on Twitter and know everything that is happening around you.

Topics and groups

Twitter allows you to be part of a niche community and connect with people who share your interests. That’s why Twitter provides a closer connection between like-minded people who can share their thoughts and opinions with each other.

This is the main reason why Twitter has become popular among users. If you think you want to use all the above tools for free. You can create your own Twitter account and become part of a rapidly growing community.

Google careful? Twitter recently announced that it has integrated search functionality into its website. This means you can now easily get trending information about popular keywords. And dive into what people are talking about in real time.

So what’s the point? Of course, there is still debate, some think that Twitter is already chasing Google, others say that Twitter is not a search engine at all.

Both sides of the argument have good points.

Still, there’s no denying that Twitter is a promising racehorse. Especially with this new feature, Twitter is growing in popularity and recently turned down a $500 million offer from Facebook and its business model, Q&A features and search ads. You can see why, not to mention that Facebook is trying to keep pace by adding some Twitter-like features…

Some people don’t see much value in boost up social and just call it another social media site where friends can chat. What people don’t understand is the fact that Twitter is a huge data base based on our personal lives. Which is very valuable for marketers.

Although Twitter has grown in value, it is still new to Google and may take a decade to improve the technology and accuracy of Google’s search results. Still, he has every right to get there eventually. Google’s market share is safe… at least for now.

Remember that Twitter posts are truly public opinion.

People can log in and get answers they trust. Because they already have a network of people with whom they have established a relationship, Google provides excellent results. But it doesn’t exist and is often inaccurate. People are living longer online. So a personal touch works wonders. Corporate media and celebrity representatives have gone so far.

Additionally, the information collected on Twitter is more location-specific. With a personal profile and the ability to send messages from mobile devices. (Using GPS technology) Twitter can take advantage of this value and take advantage of things Google can’t.