What are retweets and how do we get more retweets on Twitter? 

get more retweets on Twitter

How can we get more retweets on Twitter? Because when retweeted correctly, retweets can generate more influence, followers, and traffic to your website. You should follow those ways to get retweets on your Twitter account.

In this article, we will tell you about some ways to get more retweets, following which you can get retweets.

What is a retweet?

A retweet refers to the reposting of a tweet. You can tweet or retweet a person. When you tweet and retweet, it helps you share your retweet with your followers.

Sometimes people also start the tweet by typing RT, which means reposting someone else’s content.

5 ways to get more retweets on Twitter: 

Some ways to get more retweets on Twitter are described as follows.

Tweet at the right time: 

It is very important to post the tweet at the right time, and the time of tweeting plays an important role in getting more retweets.

  • Posting the tweet at the right time means posting the tweet at such a time when the maximum of your followers is active so that you can get retweets on Twitter. So always post the tweet at the right time. Apart from this, you can also know about your audience by using the Twitter Analytics tool to post tweets according to the audience. 

Ask for it: 

Another way to get more retweets on Twitter is by asking your audience to retweet your tweet. You can use your audience’s call for action to get retweets. This is easy if your audience agrees to tweet on your tweet.

Call for action to use to get your audience to retweet your tweet:

  • Please retweet 
  • Pls retweet 
  • Pls RT
  • RT 

Speak your audience’s language: 

When tweeting on your Twitter account, use the words and phrases people use so that you can use Twitter’s trending words and phrases. And when you talk in the language of the audience, you can interact well with your audience and the audience with you, which is likely to boost retweets on Twitter. 

Use hashtags: 

You can also use hashtags while tweeting on your Twitter account, but you should use only a few hashtags in your tweet. Otherwise, it will show as spam. Hashtags help in getting more retweets but do not use too many hashtags. Hashtags were used in 18 per cent of tweets in a 203371 Microsoft research study, so according to research, it can be assumed that tweets using hashtags are more likely to get retweets.

Use Retweetable words:

If you are trying to get more retweets on Twitter, use some famous Retweetable words while tweeting so that your audience retweets your tweet and you get more retweets. Always try to use Retweetable words in your tweets. 


If you want to get free retweets on your tweet, then you can adopt some methods of getting retweets mentioned in this article so that you can get more retweets. You can also buy twitter retweets India. To get retweets, you should pay maximum attention to the timing of tweeting because tweeting at the right time can help you get more retweets on Twitter.

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