PVC canvas Singapore
PVC canvas Singapore

Banner printing in Singapore usually uses PVC banners for outdoor usage,

PVC canvas Singapore banners, or other solutions of a similar nature. Although the PVC used to make these sorts of banners is often referred to as tarpaulin or tarp, buyers typically just call them outdoor banners (which is the material that is typically used for awnings or camping tents). This demonstrates the material’s extensive use in outdoor applications.


Due to its durability, PVC Canvas is frequently used in settings that are subject to the elements. It makes sense to utilize this material in applications where maximal durability is required.

As opposed to other materials, this one can resist prolonged exposure to external elements like rain and sunlight without suffering a rapid decline in the material’s quality or the print on it. The fact that it has a high level of rip resistance also suggests that it is not easily torn. Furthermore, it would need purposeful effort to accidentally disassemble it.

PVC Banners Are Expensive

PVC banners that are effective are also incredibly inexpensive. The print surface of these banners does not require lamination in order to be kept, unlike prints printed on photo paper or poster paper. We are able to print a lot of outdoor PVC banners at reasonable pricing because of the volume of orders we receive.


Large banners were left in a pool’s bottom by one of our clients for three days; even after the client had stopped using the banners, the fabric and print persisted. This demonstrates the waterproof nature of the cloth and the high caliber and long-lasting print on the outdoor PVC banner.

5. You can purchase personalized PVC banners

PVC The capacity to print banners on canvas at incredibly huge proportions is a characteristic that is especially beneficial for use in open-air settings, such as when the banner is hung down the side of a building or along a very long wall. To be seen and attract the attention of those who are watching, the banner would need to be a huge one.

The highest printable width of the material is three meters, and the longest length that can be generated on a single roll is thirty meters. This indicates that a single 3 m x 30 m piece of PVC banner material can be produced without the need for additional sewing to put it together.

Having said that, if you require a larger size, such as 5m x 20m, we can still print two pieces of 2.5m x 20m and sew the two banner sections together. If you should require a greater size, this would be the circumstance. The sewing is carried out with such care that to the unaided eye it appears to be one continuous piece.


There are many different applications for PVC banners. They can be supported by a number of our display stands, such as the clip banner stand, the x banner stand, or the slot banner stand, or they can be hung on fences, walls, and doors.


Because the material is simple to roll up, the outdoor PVC banner can be rapidly rolled up and stored away in a small space when not in use. By doing this, the banner won’t take up too much room.

The eighth is printing with vibrant color quality.

Our outdoor PVC canvas Singapore banners have outstanding color retention because of the material, and we guarantee the highest printing quality for these banners.

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