7 Important Organic Pest Control Methods in Your Area

Pest Control in Clarington
Pest Control in Clarington

The first thing to do if a pest infestation has taken over your vegetable garden is to identify the invader. You can either consult a Pest Control in Clarington or take a picture of the pest and compare it to others online. Identifying the pest will allow you to take preventative measures to protect your plants. Using insecticides, minerals, and clever planting methods are among the organic pest control service alternatives in Maple.

The following are 10 top strategies:


Use of this technique on fruit and vegetable crops is absolutely safe. A soil-borne bacteria called spinosad is helpful against several horticultural pests, including tent caterpillars, bagworms, borers, beetles, spider mites, and loopers. When applied in the evening when helpful insects are dormant, Spinosad reduces the possibility of harming bees or other beneficial insects by killing insects that devour it once it has dried. Simply look for the active ingredient Spinosad, which is sold as liquid and dust under a variety of brand names.


The seeds and stems of several plants naturally contain a pesticide that is somewhat toxic to most mammals. Rotenone is extremely dangerous to fish, so caution should be taken while using this product near ponds or lakes. It works well against insects that eat the leaves of vegetable and fruit crops, such as caterpillars, beetles, aphids, and thrips. Give it some time because this medication works slowly and takes a few days to take effect.


In the United States, pyrethrum is a popular botanical pesticide. It is a chrysanthemum plant isolation. It is a very safe choice because the majority of animals do not find it poisonous.

This insecticide is a strong, quick-acting deterrent even at low concentrations. Most flying insects swiftly descend when exposed, however they are not always destroyed. Some companies mix pyrethrum with additional toxic treatments to guarantee insect death.


Although they seem cute, caterpillars can ruin green crops. The name Bacillus thuringiensis, also known as Bt, refers to a naturally occurring bacteria that makes pests sick when consumed. If Bt is sprayed over the green foods the caterpillars eat, it will cause internal death in the caterpillars. This is a very safe organic pesticide for preserving beneficial insects because it is only poisonous when consumed.


Neem is a plant derived from a common Asian tree that affects an insect’s life cycle. The active ingredient, azadirachtin, makes afflicted insects eat less, grow more slowly, and moult less frequently. This is a great option for people who want to start reducing the amount of possible pests but do not currently have substantial pest infestations.

Due to its growth-retardant qualities, neem oil is especially effective against juvenile and quickly growing insects, such as Mexican bean beetles, Colorado potato beetles, and squash bugs. Additionally, it works well against teeny caterpillars and aphids that eat foliage.


If you don’t like using chemicals, even natural ones, near your vegetable crops, think about sprinkling food-grade diatomaceous earth on your garden bed.

Diatoms, a type of algae, have been fossilised to create this powder. Due to the robust skeleton of diatoms, when the powder comes into contact with insects, the sharp edges sever their bodies, leading to their dehydration and death within two weeks of application. The particles, however, are so tiny that neither people nor animals will be harmed by them.


Furthermore, some minerals can be used to manage Pest Control in Clarington. Spider mites, psyllids, and thrips can all be successfully controlled with the use of sulphur, which is available as a liquid, wettable dust, or paste. Use this seasoning on vegetables like tomatoes, beans, potatoes, or peas. Although it is safe for individuals to consume, it might irritate the skin and eyes. The drawbacks of sulphur include its incompatibility with other pesticides and its tendency to injure plants in dry conditions when temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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