6 Common Mistakes You are Making as Gamers

mistakes of gamers

There can be lots of mistakes that gamers might be making while hitting the Rift. While it’s impossible to be perfect in games, some mistakes can ruin your games, and removing them can keep you in the game. We are going to share some mistakes which are avoidable and will help you keep your consistency and also polish your skills. We recommend focusing on one mistake at a time so that your focus does not split in the game.

6 Common Gamer’s mistakes

Playing with random players

The first mistake gamers make is playing with random players and not competing with well-ranked players. This is a big issue that arises when you are completely obliterated in the lane while competing with players who are competing with the main players. To improve your rank, play with better-rank players and learn skills from them and play with players you are comfortable with. If you want to come out as the best contender, I will recommend you to build up your experience and comfort level to be a champion

Not countering your opponent

Every one of us has different champions in mind. Some of them love tanks, some enjoy fighting while some of them love the champions who shoot the enemy. You must consider the champion who is already playing higher. Different champions have good struggles with some most liked players such as Zyra you consider best with opponents with long-range and poke champions. You would not like Zyra against Xerath or Vel’koz. Same way Sylas is not countered well with Cassiopeia.

Not hitting level 2 first

The level 2 spike is challenging for most of the players in the league of legends. So this becomes important while you are in the bottom or mid lane. Hitting level 2 first gives you lots of potential. For example, Lucian Alister has a strong presence in level 2 and can easily kill or blow enemies. If you don’t start with playing level 2 champions, you will be missing a lot of learning skills. For tough moments between levels, take the MateMate energy drink.

Poor Optimization

In games, you will find that items are instantly introduced, worked, changed, or removed. It is important to understand the future use of items so you don’t get backed up due to the loss of certain items mid-way. If you don’t optimise the items in the best possible way and according to the needs of the champion, you will either lose the game or will have a small win. You will be surprised that most of the champions don’t pay attention to this and very few know how to use items and come out as winners in most games.

Positioning in Lane

Players often misunderstood the term positioning in lane. It’s pretty easy to run the game on autopilot and with a small mistake, you are either killed or get a big loss. When you are following a champion in lane, it is important to use hook spells when you are standing behind minions so that they cannot land their hooks on you. 

Poor Wave Management
Controlling your waves in the league of legend is very crucial as if you poorly manage them, you will either be lacking behind or will be killed. You will need some energy boost time by time, enjoy Mate Mate for the best results. Most of the players try to push the minion wave and don’t think about the consequences of pushing it. If you keep doing this, your enemy might throw you out of the farm or might kill you at the same time. Keep the minion wave at the side of the map if the enemies are constantly pushing the minion wave.