What is the advantage of reading from NCERT books in NEET?

reading from NCERT books in NEET

There is no doubt that there can be no other book for better NEET than NCERT Books. There are many benefits of using NCERT Books and if you also want to know what is the advantage of reading from NCERT books in NEET? then read this article completely

  We have written this article in a very informative way so let’s start

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Advantage of reading from NCERT books in NEET

There are many advantages of preparing NEET from NCERT books, some of them are

Covers the syllabus in a very easy way

This is the best advantage of reading from NCERT books in NEET because in this the whole syllabus of NEET is written in a very simple way so that you can understand very easily and when you prepare for NEET from NCERT books, you will be able to cover every topic. will understand very deeply

By the way, if it is said that NCERT Books are no less than a boon for students, then you can prepare well in less time.

Most of the questions in the NEET exam come from NCERT.

Every year it is seen that most of the questions in the NEET exam are asked from NCERT only, in the NEET exam in 2021, about 80% questions of in Biology came from NCERT and many questions in Chemistry and Physics were also from NCERT, that’s why You need to focus more on NCERT Books

And numerical are also given in NCERT books which are asked in the exam, if you solve MCQs of NCERT daily then it can be very beneficial for you and this is also a good advantage of reading NCERT books in NEET.

Clears all basic concepts

Chapters in NCERT Books start from the very basic level and when you read the basic concepts of any chapter well, then you understand that chapter well because to understand any chapter well, the basic concepts of that chapter it is very important to be clear

Some students skip the basic concepts but they should not do this, they should clear their basic concepts first by reading from NCERT Books.

How to prepare well from NCERT Books

If you read properly from NCERT Books, then you can crack NEET Exam with good marks, but for this, you have to read NCERT Books very deeply and all its topics very well. can read

1. First you understand the syllabus

2. Make your study timetable accordingly

3. Note or mark your doubts and then solve them

4. Practice daily so that you can remember your syllabus very well.

5. try to solve the question yourself

6. Do not skip any topic of NCERT

7. solve mock test

8. believe in yourself


In this article, we have told What is the advantage of reading from NCERT books in NEET? And we have also discussed many important points of it, I hope that by reading this article you have got a lot of information and you have come to know the benefits of reading NCERT Books.

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