Top 6 Free Educational Apps For Students To Increase Productivity And Learning

Free Educational Apps

Some students are intelligent enough to achieve excellence in academics. But due to flaws in personal traits like time management and smart study planning, they often lag behind. Hence, for such students, there are a number of free educational apps. These apps are known for increasing the academic performance and productivity of students. They can manage the time, schedule study and remind themselves of the urgent task to be completed. There are some free educational apps that even make the most boring educational task fun for you. This article will discuss the six top free educational apps and will also pick the best one from these.    

Which Are The Top 6 Free Apps For Students? Which App Is Free For Study?

The list of six top educational apps includes Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and Brainscoping. They all have different features and reasons for popularity among students.  


Udemy is a top-rated free educational app for students. Here you can find thousands of basic level online courses for free. It accesses more than 55 million textbooks solutions. Regardless of the discipline, Umedy is the ultimate solution for all learning problems. Students can also get educational benefits from its Q&A experts. From web designing to data analysis and from research development to learning basic programming skills, Umedy has many exciting features for all. Remember, all courses at Udemy are not available for free. Still, there are several things for students to learn for free on this platform.


This free education app not only allows students to learn any topic of choice, but here, you can take the entire course or even certificates online. Coursera is popular as here students can learn any subject of their interest from the world’s best professors and universities. It has many courses that you can study for free. At the same time, for many courses, you have to pay as well. Even Coursera is the best platform to get registered for summer/winter vacation. It has enough material that one can learn to acquire professional skills. 


Edx is also known as a popular Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) platform. It is an online platform where you can access any free course from the country’s top-rated professors and universities. No doubt, Edx offers free courses worldwide, but if you want official course credits, then their fees vary greatly. This free education app is currently providing thousands of courses in various disciplines. Moreover, Edx courses are available in many languages. Regardless of the linguistic boundaries, you can take any Edx course of your choice easily.

Khan Academy

Currently, Khan Academy is very popular among teachers, students and parents. Its videos are engaging in terms of visuals, content and other illustrations. Moreover, Khan Academy is one of the best free educational apps for those who want extra assistance. It offers more than 400 free courses from almost all subjects. Its personalised learning dashboard facilitates students to estimate their progress. It tells how closely a student is to his goals. 


Self-study is an important skill, especially for high school students. Quizlet- a free educational app can help students in self-study. The Quizlet team provides flashcards and creates study sets on different topics. It also facilitates students by offering different test modes containing subjective type, multiple choice and true/ false questions. Besides, based on the students’ performance, it increases the complexity of questions. 

Hence, Quizlet is the best option for self-study for high school students. It aims to improve learning as well as productivity of students. 

The Academic Papers UK

It is an online portal designed on cognitive scientific research. It helps students to gain cognitive learning advantages. Here you can create your account to browse for hiring the best dissertation writing services. Due to its several features, The Academic Papers UK assists students in collaborative studies with peers.     

Which Is The Best Free Learning App For Students?

There are many free online educational apps for students. Among them Duolingo and brainly are some high rated apps.


Duolingo isthe best free learning app for students, especially for those who want to learn languages. The reason for its popularity is the game-based learning algorithm. Therefore, it is best for all, regardless of the age of users/students. The student learns languages at Duolingo through instructional activities that improve reading, writing, speaking as well as listening skills. The immediate feedback on the students’ errors and recommendations fastens the learning process of students.   


Whenever we talk about the list of best free learning apps for students, no one can neglect the services of Brainly in the field of education. Brainly is a totally free online platform where you can sign in at the start of the semester. Students can start using this app by snapping a pick of the question to be answered. The Brainly’s expert community is providing 24/7 hours services to solve all queries. Even here, you can chat and actively discuss all problematic aspects of your homework with Brainly experts.  

What is the No 1 Learning App?

Among all free educational apps mentioned above, Brainly is the number one learning app. It is due to the fact that Brainly currently has more than 150 million users worldwide. Moreover, according to reviews, Brainly and Edx both stand out with 4.7 stars out of 5. At the same time, Duolingo and Quizlet got 4.6 stars, while Udemy and Coursera got 4.5 stars, Brainscope got 3.2 stars, and Khan Academy got 2.9 stars. According to the user reviews, Brainly and Edx are sharing the No. 1 position. Importantly, both Brainly and Edex serve different educational purposes. 

Brainly is the best homework helper, while Edex stands out based on its services to offer thousands of educational courses. But Brainly is a completely free educational app, while Edex’s cost varies depending upon the nature of courses. 

Which App Is Best For School Students?

As far as an educational app for school students is concerned, ‘Study Bunny’ is a good option. The popularity of Study Bunny among schoolers is due to its fun-making features. For Study Bunny users, getting education is no more a boring task. This free educational app makes a Bunny your study partner. After completing each task, the student gets coins to purchase stuff for the Bunny. Therefore, Study Bunny helps students achieve extraordinary skills.    

The free educational apps make education accessible for all, irrespective of class or status differences. They effectively share students’ worries and help them in increasing learning and academic productivity. Based on the learning’s shortcomings, you can choose any free educational app, even on your laptops and Android phones.