Top 5 Reasons to Install An Additional Dash Cam In Tesla

Top 5 Reasons to Install An Additional Dash Cam In Tesla

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam, also known as a car digital video recorder, is a camera added to either dashboard or the windscreen to record the view of the road or traffic through the windscreen or sometimes rear or windows. It gives the driver a better idea about driving the car on a specific road and adds safety to driving.

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Dash cams are essential as they can record accidents and provide proof to the police for hit-and-run crimes. It can also give a clearer view of pedestrians that may suddenly appear in front of you, causing an accident.

Tesla’s dash cam

Tesla is the number one chased vehicle of today. It is the accurate depiction of the future of cars that we all dreamed about. The hype around the car is much justified because of the spectacular design and drool-worthy features.

When all the features of Tesla stand out, how can they leave the dash cam to be an ordinary one? The dashcam in Tesla records videos that can be seen on the phone by downloading the Tesla app and adding your details there.

Five reasons to install an additional dash cam in a Tesla

Despite being an outstanding device, the Tesla dashcam might require another dashcam for a better experience. Here is a list of reasons why you need to install an additional dash cam in a Tesla;

1. Resolution

The Tesla dash cam has eight lenses with a resolution of 1280 by 960. The resolution is a little higher than HD 720p but less than the resolution power of Full HD. An additional dash cam can back its resolution. Tesla can operate multiple lenses simultaneously, producing a quality resolution using five-channel dash cams. The traffic scenarios nowadays are chaotic. Therefore to provide evidence to the insurance companies in case of an accident, the dash cams must offer an excellent recording. With the help of aftermarket dash cams, the tesla system may be able to record the number of the vehicle and any possible harmful thing scattered on the road that may hurt the car.

2. Loop Recordings and File Protection

Tesla’s dash cam has a loop recording system, but the cam will cycle every other hour. To save the file, you need to press the save button ten minutes before to avoid the footage being deleted. An additional dash cam will determine how long the video length be cycled according to the capacity of the memory card used. A 1080P camera can use 256GB to record continuously for above 40 hours before it starts to cycle. This advantage of an extra dash cam is more suited to lazy drivers who can’t keep on saving each file after every hour. It might also not be suitable for safety while driving.

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3. GPRS Record Speed and Latitude

When any problematic situation arises, the evidence should always be considered more. The other dash cams can have GPRS, speed, and latitude recorded for any particular moment to keep you out of danger if there is any emergency and provide enough evidence to present your claim in case of an accident. The Tesla dash cam lacks the GPRS tracking feature, which is why an additional dash cam would be an added plus for the drivers.

4. Parking Monitor Mode

Tesla’sTesla’s Sentry mode is the same as the dash cams parking mode. The traditional dash cams require the parking mode camera to be connected to the fuse box via some hardwiring. If the camera is attached, it may cause a warning in Tesla’sTesla’s computer. With an added camera, the sentry and parking modes can be operated simultaneously, giving Tesla more protection.

5. Telescope lens Feature

Some other dash cams have telescopic properties that can clearly view the minor details on the road. These are important as they warn drivers of otherwise invisible bumps and glass often shredded on the floor.


Tesla has an outstanding dashcam that competes well in the market. The additional dash cams only ensure further glory and safety from the dash cam. These added features are important enough to protect your expensive Tesla. It is always better to have prevention before cure.