The Most Effective Ways To Prepare For The UPSC Exam


To crack the UPSC exam one needs to put an extraordinary amount of effort and dedication. Only those who are willing to prepare with all their heart and mind will be able to sail a successful journey during UPSC preparations. Now there are some crucial tips and techniques which every student needs to follow in order to crack the exam. These tips can make it quite easier to prepare effectively for the UPSC exam.

When preparing for the UPSC exam, you  must consciously plan and adhere to a daily routine; otherwise, forget about completion; the vast syllabus will haunt you every single day, and believe us, without peace of mind, this journey becomes extremely difficult. Now if you are looking for a good coaching institute for the UPSC exam preparations then visit Search India and get complete details about the same. 

Now go through this article to understand the effectivNe ways to prepare for the UPSC exam 

Newspaper reading

 Many candidates begin their preparation  with  newspaper reading and spend days and nights filling it out, pasting their articles in lovely notebooks, and other such activities. Well we strongly discourage doing it. Simply take a newspaper like The Hindu or Indian Express, and read it as though you were getting information from it rather than being quizzed on it. No more than an hour should be spent on newspaper reading. If jargon, such as repo rate, arises, look it up on Google or watch a brief YouTube video to get the idea. Don’t write down state chief ministers in the name of current events! There are several useful websites to prepare current affairs. You should try reading the day’s daily current events from websites at night. If you stick with it for two months without losing motivation, you will become an expert reader.  Thus you will be able to prepare effectively for the UPSC exam.

The 8-7-8 strategy 

Once you have corrected your thought process it is time to devise the correct strategy. You should implement the 8-7-8 strategy. So under the 8-7-8 formula  students need to study for a minimum of 8 hours every day, for 7 days a week and continue for 8 months. (Full time aspirants are in position to finish early)

To achieve the  8 month target, please ensure following:

Finish the whole syllabus – Competition is way too high, hence don’t skip any topic

Read from a limited number of sources & strictly fix your current affairs source – Trust your source & don’t get overwhelmed by too many sources available in the market. For current affairs, Hindu along with one magazine is sufficient. In case time is limited, stick only to magazines.

Revise everything multiple times(5 times before exam) – Assured retentivity in exam Revision will help you retain all the important concepts in your mind. 

Attempt Test series/Mocks/Answer Writing/Essay Writing – For exam level experience & confidence – It’s an indispensable aspect of one’s preparation. No student can expect to do wonders in the exam without practicing enough mock tests

The right thought process

You are not required to attend every friend’s birthday, wedding, or other celebration. You simply cannot afford to waste time on social media or WhatsApp. All these can be the biggest distraction for the students. Of course, this does not preclude you from relaxing. You should get enough sleep, exercise, meditate, listen to music, or do whatever you want. However, the liking should not be so strong that it distracts you from your ultimate goal. If you enjoy spending time on Facebook, this may be counterproductive. You might lose your focus as you browse through the accounts of your friends and start pondering over unwanted thoughts.  If you continue to view each day as an ordeal, you may be in trouble. Just don’t be concerned about the outcome. The right preparation strategy begins with the right thought process. If you manage to inculcate that then things will be quite smooth and easy for you.  Now to give your preparations a flying start connect with the finest UPSC coaching institute in Ranchi


There’s no denying the fact that preparing for the UPSC exam is one of the most daunting tasks. This exam requires intense preparation and hard work. So if you really desire to achieve success in it then you need to ensure that you follow the right strategy. We hope you’ll utilize the tips stated in the above article and thus do wonders in the UPSC exam.