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Invest In Lahore Motorway City

Motorway City is a modern housing project located on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It offers a variety of plots for sale as well as constructed houses. The development work is still in progress and new areas are being developed on a regular basis. The project is located in a very convenient location, just a few minutes’ drive from Lahore International Airport. There are many facilities available in Motorway City, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls and parks.

The project is an ideal investment opportunity for those who are looking to buy property in Lahore. Prices are expected to rise in the future as the project progresses. If you’re looking for a wise investment, you can’t go wrong with Lahore motorway city. This up-and-coming development is located just outside of Pakistan’s second-largest city, and it’s poised to become a major hub for business and commerce. The motorway city is already home to a number of multinational companies, and the infrastructure is in place to support even more growth. With its convenient location and modern amenities, Lahore motorway city is an ideal place to invest.


Developers of Motorway City

The Renaissance group of companies are well-known for their leading projects in Pakistan, including the development of Lahore Motorway City. The group is composed of experienced professionals who have a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality. Their projects are designed to improve the quality of life for residents and to create value for investors. The Renaissance group is focused on delivering innovative, high-quality solutions that meet the needs of their clients.

The company has developed many housing societies and some of the leading commercial areas of Lahore. The company is also very active in developing the infrastructure of Pakistan. The company has developed many highways, motorways, and bridges in Pakistan. The company is also working on the development of a new airport in Lahore. The company has a very good track record and is considered to be one of the best developers in Pakistan.

Location Of Lahore Motorway City

LMC is located near M-2 Kot Abdul Malik Interchange. The main reason for its grand success is that it provides such a convenient travelling experience to its occupants and makes life hassle free. Living in LMC means having the best of everything near you. It’s clearly visible from its location that LMC gives easy access to all the educational institutions, recreational spots, medical facilities, and major commercial areas of the city. It has a considerable number of housing schemes which are completed and many more are under construction.

The surroundings of LMC offer a peaceful environment as it is away from the bustling noise of the city but still close enough to all the major landmarks. This gated community is surely an ideal place for investment and residence. The time you spend travelling to your desired destination will be cut short due to its excellent location and you will get to enjoy your extra time with family or friends. So, if you want a home in an accessible and secured area then contact us now and book your site today.


If you’re looking for a new place to call home, Motorway City is a great option. With its convenient location and many amenities, it’s no wonder that this neighborhood is one of the most popular in the city. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to raise your family or a lively community to retire in, Motorway City has something for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about our properties in this desirable neighborhoods.