Prior to the Islamabad long march, police raid the homes of PTI leaders.


At midnight on Tuesday, police conducted raids on the houses of several Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) officials, two days after the arrest and eventual release of former human rights minister Shireen Mazari.

In an apparent attempt to apprehend Hammad Azhar, the police stormed his residence in Lahore. The PTI leader’s mother recalled the raid and stated how the police force’s entry into her home startled her due to the noisy chaos.

Hammad Azhar’s bodyguard further described how the lawmen allegedly assaulted Hammad Azhar and insulted his martyred army father.

From outside Azhar’s house, PTI leader Dr. Yasmin Rashid captured the raid on camera.

Hammad Azhar was not the only PTI leader to experience police brutality and invasion of privacy; earlier on Monday, the police had gathered in front of the home of the late interior minister Sheikh Rashid.

After numerous police stormed into Hammad Azhar’s home, the lawmen also broke into Usman Dar’s house, a former special assistant to the prime minister.

Usman Dar was not at home, like Azhar, so the police were unable to apprehend him. Many have speculated that these attempted arrests may be connected to former prime minister Imran Khan’s Islamabad long march, which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday (May 25).

The PTI chairman cautioned the current administration via microblogging website that “these fascist steps will further exacerbate the economic condition and force the country into disorder.”

Hammad Azhar Tweet

Azhar tweeted a defiant, “stop us if you can,” after the attempted arrest.

Imran reaffirmed the democratic nation’s right to allow peaceful protests while denouncing the “brutal repression” carried out by those in authority.

Mr. Fawad Chaudhry, president

Fawad Chaudhry, senior vice president of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), stated unequivocally that the elections were the only solution to the current issues facing the nation and that anyone preventing the elections from taking place within 90 days was violating the constitution and would be subject to Article 6.

Fawad, backed by key PTI figures Hammad Azhar, Shahbaz Gill, and Ali Awan, spoke at a press conference here on Thursday. He claimed that the imported administration had made things worse by allowing crippling inflation and a rise in terrorism.

He claimed that while the entire nation was reeling from the devastating Peshawar bombing, the foreign government was busy exacting revenge by detaining Sheikh Rasheed and Imran Riaz and filing a complaint against Shandana Gulzar, both of which were reprehensible actions.

Fawad cautioned that at this time, the nation cannot afford conflict and division. He claimed that since the policy of arrests, coercions, threats, and political victimisations was no longer effective, it was now time to implement confidence-boosting measures to aid in bridging the rapidly increasing chasm.

He cautioned that attempts to destabilise Pakistan were being made, and that using force could make the situation worse.

Fawad continued by saying that the PTI simply wanted the institutions to stop unnecessarily supporting the puppet, corrupt, inept, and inept administration because the government cannot function without their support.

“We want institutions to acknowledge the supremacy of the constitution and the law, to protect human rights, and to accept the right of the people to choose their leaders through the exercise of their right to vote,” he continued.

PTI government

Speaking of the stability under the PTI government, Fawad stated that despite the region being in the midst of a significant period of transition due to the ongoing process of the US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, the PTI government led by Imran Khan had effectively controlled terrorism at that time.

He questioned who was causing the country’s disorder and chaos at a time when Pakistan needed stability and peace.

He claimed that Imran Khan was aware of the Afghan leadership and understood that violence was never the answer to a problem. For this reason, he proposed a peace effort, which was warmly received and helped to restore peace to the nation.

Fawad said that the PTI government took the lead in ensuring the safe evacuation of foreign diplomats and journalists left stranded in Afghanistan following the sudden withdrawal of US troops.

“Within nine months, we recovered the nation’s tourism from terrorism,” he continued. The imported government’s confusing policies and lack of seriousness, he claimed, had quickly undone all of the PTI government’s hard work over a few months.

Bilawal Bhutto 

Bilawal Bhutto visited America more than 17 times, according to Fawad, but he never went to Afghanistan because he was unaware of how sensitive the situation was there.

He added that the imported government was so perplexed that no one knew what they wanted and that imported Shehbaz Sharif did not convene even one meeting on the problem of Afghanistan.

Khawaja Asif

Attacking Khawaja Asif, Fawad claimed that he had held Imran Khan responsible for the country’s return to terrorism, despite the fact that no bombs had exploded under the PTI’s tenure.

He claimed that due to terrorism on one side and inflation on the other, the nation was at a crossroads. Fawad cautioned that turning Pakistan into a cemetery will not bring about peace.

However, he asserted that the government was occupied with charging the PTI leadership in various offences, including seditions, at a time when the nation needed a political debate. He claimed that Sheikh Rasheed had just been arrested under the political vendetta strategy, which also saw the arrests of Shahbaz Gill, Azam Swati, and him. He mentioned Shandana Gulzar, who is also facing treason charges.

Chief Minister of Punjab

He argued that no one else in Pakistan could be a patriot if the MNAs from Mianwali and Jhelum were traitors. He claimed that at this moment, Pakistan cannot afford to be divided.

He claimed that the interim Chief Minister of Punjab could not be elected, not even as a councillor, and that the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was acting in the manner of Governor Raj.


In This situation the Pti leader also feared the arrest of Imran Khan as He is head of PTI. For more information Visit Chachakhabri.

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