Who Is Pablo Escobar? Pablo Escobar Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Kids, Biography, Family, And More

pablo escobar height

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar(born 1 December 1949) was a famous Colombian drug dealer, gangster, and criminal from Rionegro, Colombia. The gangster was famous for his crimes, such as kidnapping, murder, theft of automobiles, etc. Pablo Escobar was best known as the most wanted drug criminal. In this article, you will learn about Pablo Escobar’s height with other important information about him.

The governments of Colombia and America were the primary attack of Pablo’s adversaries or his target. He was always a great help to the people in need in his hometown of Medellin. He began his profession by smuggling cannabis.

Due to his increased criminal activity, Pablo Escobar was shot by police on 2 December 1993. Netflix has also announced the biopic about Pablo “Narcos” on 2 December 2015 1 Netflix. Today, I’ll talk about the life of the famous criminal “Pablo Escobar.”

In the early year, parents, children, and siblings

The drug mafia swarmed into the world through his parents on 1 December 1949, at Rionegro, Colombia. His real name for Escobar was ” Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria”. Pablo Escobar was 44 years old at the time of his demise.

He was the son of “Abel De Jesus Escobar-Echeverri,” a farmer from the countryside. Her mother “Hermilda De Los Dolores Gaviaria Bierrio” was a teacher at an elementary school.

Pablo is one of the six children who lived in the Escobar home. Pablo and his parents lived in a residence that was not equipped with electricity. However, it was equipped with water. Pablo has three sisters and three brothers within the family. His sisters’ initials are “Alba Marina Escobar”, “Gloria Ines Escobar””Luz Maria Escobar” and “Luz Maria Escobar”.

His brother “Roberto Escobar” was his partner in crime. His other brothers were named “Argemiro Escobar” and “Luis Fernando Escobar”. Both brothers were sent home from school because Pablo did not have shoes. Escobar took a course in political science at the Universidad de Antioquia but was ordered to quit his studies because it became impossible to pay the necessary fees.

He was allegedly beginning his criminal life by stealing gravestones and then selling them to criminals. The suspect’s brothers deny that the tombstones belonged to graveyard owners whose clients have stopped paying for their care and had a friend willing to trade the statues legally.

Pablo was raised as a cheater and began working hard to earn money, from small-scale scams with his gang to selling fake illegal cigarettes and lottery tickets. He even began to steal money from the people who walked out of the banks. He was only 20 years old but was an experienced car burglar.

He earned around. $70,000 from these actions. His next step on his ladder to success is becoming a millionaire. He began doing major criminal acts and working with illegal smugglers. With his determination and deceit, Pablo had, by that moment, become a millionaire at just 22 years old.

In the early year, parents, children, and siblings

Pablo Escobar Height, Weight, and, Physique

The famous drug dealer was sharp in his thinking. He was aware of the idea of earning money fast. He was a dealer in drugs as well as an addict to drugs. He paid little focus on his overall health. He was a fan of non-vegetarian food items.

He always wore brand-name clothing and accessories. The height of the famous criminal Pablo Escobar was 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m). Escobar’s body was decent, with a weight that was around 70 kg (154.32 pounds). Pablo always kept a mustache on his face.

Marriage, and Children

Pablo Escobar got married to his wife “ Maria Victoria Henao” in March 1976. He was married to a girl who was 11 years older than him. Yes! 11 years. Pablo was 26 years old when he got married, while his wife Maria was just 15 years old. Young. Escobar’s partner in the crime “Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo” was the brother of his maria’s husband.

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Carlos introduced Pablo along with his sister in 1974. Maria loved their personality of Pablo and fell in love with the man. In the beginning, she was unaware of the illegal activities associated with Pablo Escobar. They got married in the following two years of romance.

On 24 February 1977, Maria had her son, named “Sebastian Marroquin,” also known as Juan Pablo Escobar. In 1984 Pablo took on the role of father for his very first daughter “ Manuela Escobar.”

According to sources, Pablo Escobar secretly dated journalist “Virginia Vallejo” after his marriage. After marrying Maria, Escobar built a Hacienda Napoles official estate and began living there.

He also decided to build a Greek-style castle close to it. The fort’s construction was completed. However, it was never completed due to various difficulties. During his professional career, Pablo was a luxuriant man and thoroughly took pleasure in every minute of his life.

Pablo Escobar’s Life Story

In 1975 Escobar was able to increase his drug business. The United States flew a plane himself to smuggle cocaine. After that, he took the plane down and hung it over the top of his livestock ranches in the Hacienda Napoles. His name was further tarnished after 1975 when Fabio Restrepo, a well-known Medellin merchant, was believed to have been killed by Escobar, who had bought 14 kilograms.

Then, all Restrepo’s crew were informed they were now working for Pablo Escobar. In May of 1976, Escobar and several of his associates were detained and were discovered to possess thirty-nine tons of paste white from Ecuador following their return to Medellin with a considerable load. At first, Pablo unsuccessfully tried to pay Medellin judges who were preparing an argument against him.

After months of legal battles, Pablo killed the two police officers in the case, pending the investigation. That was when Pablo came up with his strategy for engaging with authorities, which included offering them bribes or even murdering them. Roberto Escobar, his sister Roberto Escobar states that Pablo became involved in the business just because the ban was too dangerous and made it difficult to travel.

He could make more than a truck filled with cocaine or 40 boxes of cigarettes and alcohol. There was no cartel of drugs in the prohibition era, and there were just some drug barons. Therefore there was plenty of trade available to all. He purchased cocaine paste refined in a laboratory constructed in a two-story home in Medellin.

On his first visit to the United States, Pablo bought a modest PS 30 paste, the first step to creating his empire. He first smuggled cocaine into old tires. Later, the pilot could earn up to 500 million pounds per flight, based on the number of kilos he could smuggle.

He carried out many illegal activities similar to this to earn cash. Pablo Escobar once said that the substance of the cocaine trade is that you pay someone bribes here, and you offer a bribe to someone else, and then you hand over money to a friend of the banker to get the money returned. Even though Escobar was considered an enemy of both the Colombian governments and the United States, he was loved by many in Medellin.

His brother told him that his capacity to bond with the most dangerous and make enemies of the powerful drove him to go as fast as possible. During the height of the power of Escobar, dealers of Medellin and other areas gave between 20 to 35 percent of their Colombian earnings from cocaine to Escobar. Escobar earned a substantial amount of wealth through his illegal enterprise. In 1993 the total value of Pablo Escobar was estimated at 30 billion dollars.

Although Escobar was a drug lord and a criminal, he served as a saviour to certain Colombians. The poor people of Colombia were helped by Pablo, who built houses for them, football fields, sponsored youth football teams, built houses for them, and even gave them money.


When he was working in Illegal, He stayed out of the wrath of the police numerous times. There was always conflict between Pablo with his fellow officers from Columbia Police. The battle against Escobar ended on 2 December 1993, when he attempted to get away from the search area.

Utilizing a radio triangulation method used in US efforts in the US, an Colombian security team using electronic technology, located the device hidden in a middle-class neighborhood in Medellin. As the officers approached, firing started in the presence of Escobar along with his bodyguard Alvaro de Jesus Agudelo, aka El Limon.

Two fugitives attempted to cross the back road by climbing through the roofs of homes on the road. However, police Colombian National Police shot both. Then he was killed. He was shot in the torso, legs, and ears, with the fatal area being the ear.

It is not known who shot the last shot at Escobar’s head. Whether it was fired in the shootout or a performance, there was a lot of speculation. The most popular belief is that Hugo Aguilar did Escobar’s job using just one shot with his pistol of 9mm. Family members of the Aguilar clan believe that Escobar may have killed himself.

Certain Lesser-known Information About Pablo Escobar

  • Pablo always helped the poor and the poor.
  • Robert, his brother Robert also published a book on Pablo called “The Accountants’ Story.”
  • His son and wife are writers and authors as well.
  • The wife of Pablo Maria also published a book entitled “Mrs. Escobar My Experience with Pablo” in the year 2019.
  • One of Pablo’s co-partners in the Illegal business “Carlos Lehder” is sent to Germany after being released from the American jail in 2020.
  • He was extremely close with his daughter.
  • Pablo was also detained for five years.
  • He carried out illegal activities, including murder, bribery, bombing, racketeering, drug trade, and assassinations.
  • The inhabitants of Medellin identified him as Robinhood.