Girls Style Tips For Teens


And make you dress better than ninety percent of your friends are fire color combinations now of course you can’t go wrong with the all black look but there’s so many options to go with with the different tones and washes of clothes nowadays sometimes all black is just boring and you gotta switch it up now of course one place to take inspiration.


 Specifically the fits on point instagram page you can get tons of different color combos to try out and see what you like see what looks best on you some of my favorite color combos are green tan white another one is red gray and black and another one of my favorites is green brown and black the possibilities are endless when it comes to this so definitely play around with different colors and different tones see what you like best. Read for: best book writing service in uk

 so coming in with the fourth style tip and i always preach this to you guys and that is accessories watches bracelets rings and necklaces the great thing about this is that there’s so many inexpensive options for you guys let’s be honest you just want something that looks cool you really don’t care about the price point so i got these three rings from  for about 11 bucks three rings for 11 bucks isn’t bad but as you can see they’re not the best quality. Visit: Being Your Own Sort of Gorgeous: Figuring out how to See the value in Yourself

but if you want something that looks cool and you want to spend just a little bit more i get my rings from rock and spark that’s pretty much my go-to place  when it comes to rings the designs are sick the shipping is fast so i definitely recommend them .

i’ll leave a link to their site in the description below so definitely check them out so at the end of the day it’s really up to you what you want you can go. If you’re dressing outside the norm people.

just don’t understand why you’re wearing anything other than a graphic tee and basketball shorts but that’s okay they’re just opinions at the end of the day they really don’t matter dress how you truly want to dress and eventually you’ll attract people with the same style.