Common WordPress Errors and How To Improve Them

wordpress error

WordPress is a fantastic program that typically functions well. However, occasionally things stop functioning. It’s possible that WordPress cannot access the database. Or perhaps some of the files have been damaged. Whatever the issue may be, the following list of the most typical WordPress errors and solutions will help:

Warning: Make a backup of your website.

Make a backup of your entire website before continuing and completing any of the instructions below. You risk further damaging your website when you attempt to remedy it. By keeping a backup, you can always restore your website to a “less-broken” condition. Therefore, keep a backup of your website before making any modifications.

Setting Up a Database Connection Error

The most typical mistake that WordPress users make is this one. You will probably run into this problem at least a hundred times in your life if you use WordPress.

The “Problem Establishing a Database Connection” error merely indicates that WordPress was unable to establish a connection to your MySQL database server.

The most frequent cause of this issue is incorrect database login information. Perhaps you entered the wrong username or password.

You can update your wp-config.php file and search for the following code to see if your username and password are correct:

  • Username is the username of the user of your WordPress database in the MySQL database.
  • The password for the user of the MySQL database is the password.
  • The host is the server’s address where your database is stored. Here is a list of frequent hostnames for MySQL.
  • The name of the WordPress database you are attempting to access is the database name.

Verify and correct any incorrect database login information in your wp-config.php file. This error typically appears when the database login credentials are incorrect.

But occasionally, this error could also be brought on by other factors. Your database server not responding is one of them. All you can do in that situation is get in touch with your web host and ask them to resolve the issue.

Error 500 Internal Server

This error occurs when a server issue of some kind occurred but the server software was unable to pinpoint the precise error.

There are countless possibilities as to why you might be encountering this problem. Maybe you modified the WordPress codebase or installed a malfunctioning plugin.

Listed below are some things you ought to try:

  1. Check Your .htaccess File

.htaccess files are used to rewrite URLs and beautify them. This file is used by the “pretty permalinks” option in the WordPress permalinks settings to make your website’s URLs appear “attractive.”

Your server will show the 500 internal server error if your .htaccess file is damaged.

You must log into your FTP client or the File Manager application your web provider provided and change the .htaccess file to “.htaccess backup” to determine whether your .htaccess file is the cause of the issue.

Try opening the home page of your website after renaming the file. Visit the permalinks settings page from your WordPress dashboard and click Save Changes if your website is now operational.

  1. Switch To The Default Theme

If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error message, the dashboard is probably unavailable to you.

If you can access the dashboard, go to the Themes area and switch to the WordPress default theme.

Log into your FTP client, go to the wp-themes folder, and change the folder for your current theme to anything else if you can’t reach the dashboard or don’t have the default theme loaded.

If you don’t already have the default theme installed, WordPress will download it and install it if you force it to switch to the default theme.

  1. Increase Memory Limit

Although it happens infrequently, your WordPress site may occasionally exceed the default PHP Memory Limit defined in the wp-config.php file. You experience the 500 Internal Server Error when this occurs.

Add the next line of code to the end of your wp-config.php file using your FTP client to fix this:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

  1. Deactivate All Your WordPress Plugins

You may be encountering this error because a plugin is damaged or corrupt.

You must deactivate all of your WordPress plugins if you don’t know which one is to blame.

In most circumstances, you won’t be able to access the WordPress dashboard if you get this problem. Disable every plugin from your WordPress dashboard if you can get to the Plugins page there.

If, however, you are unable to enter the Admin section, open your FTP client and rename the plugins folder in the wp-content directory.

The plugins will all be turned off as a result.

White Screen of Death

Because there is no error notice explaining why you are seeing a white screen, this is the most dreaded issue in the WordPress community.

You can try a few of the following:

  1. Enable Debugging

WordPress will start displaying error warnings that it would normally hide in a production environment if you enable debugging. WordPress hides these error messages because a hacker might use the data they contain for bad purposes.

When debugging is enabled, the actual error could become visible.

Find the following piece of code in your wp-config.php file to allow debugging:

You can find this someplace near the file’s bottom: define(“WP DEBUG”, false). In order to allow debugging, change false to true.

  1. Use The Default Theme

Change to the default theme if you can access the Dashboard. Broken themes are typically to blame for this.

Try the procedures in the “500 Internal Server Error” section above if you’re having trouble accessing the Admin Dashboard.

  1. Disable All Plugins

This issue may be brought on by plugins that attempt to change the appearance of your website or the Dashboard of your website.

By following the instructions in the section above, disable all of your plugins.

  1. Increase Memory Limit

Usually, this is not the cause, but you can try raising the memory limit by doing as instructed in the section above.

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WordPress Sidebar Below Content

Your theme may have been corrupted or your HTML may not be correct if your sidebar appears below your content rather than on the left or right (depending on your theme).

The best course of action if your theme is corrupted is to reinstall the most recent version of the theme or update it if one is available.

However, you will need to fix the invalid code if the HTML code on your website is broken. This typically occurs when a div tag is not closed with a closing div tag.

Open the webpage where you see this error, right-click, and select “View Source Code” to determine if this is actually the case.

It will display every piece of HTML that is used on your website. To determine whether your HTML is valid, copy this code, launch this HTML Validation Checker tool, and paste the code in there.

You must locate the file containing the problematic HTML code and fix it if you notice an error on that page. Sadly, each theme is unique and has hundreds of files. You will need to search on your own for the file and the issue that resulted in the invalid code. We are unable to assist you with that.

If you have proper HTML code but are still getting this issue, your theme may be broken. The current theme’s style.css file may also contain some faulty code. You’ll need to employ a developer if the style.css file needs to be fixed.