Choosing the Right Packaging Box: What Type of Box is Ideal for You?


What does the range of packaging boxes cost?

All custom packaging boxes typically benefit from higher volumes to lower unit costs, even if some are naturally more expensive than others. Costs are affected by various factors depending on the type of packaging. The factors contributing to packaging manufacturing costs are labor, materials, design work, tooling, setup fees, etc. Custom boxes provide the one-stop-shop that is the best fit for your budget for custom printed boxes and custom packaging boxes.

A foldable carton, a rigid box, and a corrugated box are the three most common types of boxes in the packaging world. Generally, folding cartons cost less than corrugated boxes, and rigid boxes are more expensive than folding cartons. For a folding carton, a reasonable price should be under $1; a fully printed labeled corrugated box should be under $2-3; And for a rigid setup box, under $4-5. These are the goals you should have when buying packaging.

What are the types of packaging boxes?

Boxes in packaging are categorized into three types. A variety of thicknesses of paper pulp are used in making them.

Type1: Folding Cartons

You will often see folding cartons in retail stores, also known as paperboard cartons or paperboard boxes, just like typical cereal boxes.

 Type2: Rigid Boxes

Boxes that are rigid, also referred to as setup boxes, are heavier and will not collapse or fold like folding cartons. Perceived value is an essential factor when it comes to high-end products, but they are not always used that way. They also support a heavy product when it is heavy and requires additional support. Rigid boxes, such as iPhone boxes, are examples.

Type 3: Corrugated Boxes

As we moved to a new house, we would, for example, pack our belongings in brown cardboard boxes, also known as corrugated board or corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated boxes are used to pack the goods to send in different countries. It is also used as primary retailing as well as retail packaging.

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Why is the price of the packaging box becoming expensive?

The pandemic disrupted global raw material supplies for packaging and almost everything else. Globally, paper mills have been hit with the same supply chain challenges that have impacted production facilities across every sector with predictable outcomes, which accounts for the high price of cartons and other packing materials.


It is concluded that packaging boxes help to cover the goods and transport things in a store for a long time. You have read above mentioned three types of Packaging boxes that vary from one another on the qualities and prices.