Can we use handle boxes as custom gift boxes?


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Gift boxes are special and we want to make them attractive, creative, and easy to handle. One of the major purposes of these gift boxes is to keep the gift secure and hidden. Unless the person will not open the box, the gift should remain a mystery. The handle boxes can be one of the most amazing and helpful gift boxes for sure. The handle packaging includes several special features that make it creative and easy to use for many purposes.

The use of custom handle boxes as gift boxes is efficient and possible in many ways. It is all about the creativity that you will incorporate. The more creative you are more efficiently you will make use of these boxes. Here are some ideas to make use of these handle boxes as gift boxes:

Paint or wrap them

The handle packaging boxes are modification friendly. custom gift boxes You have all the options to use these boxes anywhere as per your need. The material is paint or wrapper friendly, so you can paint it or wrap it with any paper. No matter if you have a printed handle box, you can transform it into something else much better. It will take a bit of your effort but well be worth it. You can make your gift special, different, and creative by putting a little effort into it.

Modify the gift pack

It is not necessary to use the handle packaging as it is for the gift wrap. You can modify the whole wrapping by adding some creativity to it. If the gift is larger or heavier than the box, then you can go for the other option. Take the handles from the box and add them to your gift pack. Moreover, you can recreate a handle box from the scratch as per your skills. It will help you to get the right size of box. The best thing about this packaging is the easy transform material. You can easily transform the size and shape into the required dimensions.

Get the custom printing

If you are, planning for the giveaway gifts then having the custom handle box packing will be appropriate. You can do efforts for one or two pieces of packaging but not for many. In the case of numerous gifts, it is ideal to have the design and custom printing. It will give your gifts a nicer look and uniqueness. The packaging will not be anywhere and you will be able to mark the different styles.

Remember, you can have the custom printing always in bulk. When you have a huge pile to make then you need to go for the printing. In case of small requirements, you do not have to go for this option. For a small number of copies, it will cost you more than average so it is a bulk project. On the other hand, you can have one or two boxes in digital printing and that will be suitable.

Consider your gift nature

There is no doubt that you have ways to make the handle box work and the gift box. However, you need to pay attention to your gift nature. Not all the gift types are fit for the boxes. Such as if, if your gift is heavy and the box handles cannot take its weight, then you need to find a substitute. Many of the handle boxes have cardboard handles that can take only lightweight. To make your gift easy to carry you cannot ignore the gift’s weight and dimensions.

You do have many other options!

It is not necessary to use the handle box for gift packaging. It has several other uses when it comes to packaging, storing, and recreating stuff. If you are unable to make use of these boxes as gift boxes, then you can look for other options. The boxboard material can be used for many creative and DIY projects. You can have the cupboard partitions, small storage boxes, and many other things using these empty cartons. Just try to make the best use of these boxes. In case you are unable to use them, you can pass them on to someone who loves recycling.