Business Management: what does Organization mean?

How To Improve Your Website Ranking on Google? 
How To Improve Your Website Ranking on Google? 

 Simplifying communication without trivializing content is an interesting challenge. It is especially so when it comes to communicating and putting into practice methods that have to do with business organization.

When we talk about Business Organization we talk about non-analytical aspects, which have to do with:

  • the Vision ,
  • the Objectives ,
  • and above all the People .

No software or magic formula can help us . It takes experience, intellectual humility and lots and lots of common sense.

But what does Corporate Organization mean?

In the company “organization” is how we carry out the activities and evaluate the results obtained.

But which activities and why?

My favorite definition of a company is:

“set of activities carried out by people and plants to obtain the products/services to be supplied to customers”.

Modern organizational theories date back to the early 1800s , when the transformation of production from agricultural to industrial required rules that would allow inexperienced personnel to be able to carry out tasks in the industrial field.

Over the years, various Theories and Tools have been developed that are useful for classifying things to do.

Net of the many tools available, there are 3 steps that have never changed in terms of approach method .

The 3 steps for the ABC of Business Organization

Small or large, in order to organize its activities, in a more or less formal, more or less aware way, the company must be able to find the balance and coherence between DarkComet

  • Targets 
  • Results
  • Actions

In other words, it is necessary to precisely identify:

  • the Journey
  • Define the strategies, the direction in which you want to go.
  • the Dashboard
  • Define the target.
  • the Machine
  • Define the activities to be performed and the rules for carrying them out.

The ISO 9001 standard

In the early 1980s, in order to facilitate the free movement of goods, in addition to the rules that reduced physical barriers (customs and product standards), it was decided that it was necessary to find a system that would allow for a minimum common denominator so that the ” language between companies” was as uniform as possible.

In one sentence? “Do what you promise!” .


By adopting rules according to a recognized international standard which lays the foundations for a “quality” organization. This standard is currently the most widespread in the world. We are talking about the ISO 9001 standard which allows for the certification of company quality systems .

For 25 years these standards have been present and spread worldwide and today they become the basic conditions for having the minimum possibility of dialogue with customers (companies) of medium size and up. 

The New ISO 9001 of 2015

The latest version of the standard has finally fully implemented the 3 steps I mentioned above:

  • Strategy
  • You need to define your business context: strategies, or the way forward to achieve your goals!
  • Management
  • You have to establish what are the responsibilities, processes and rules for their operation, i.e. the machine to make the defined journey!
  • Control
  • You have to monitor how you are going and correct the course in case of deviations, i.e. the dashboard and corporate reporting! 

Do what you promise!