Baby Swimming Basics: Safety Tips and Fun Tricks for Parents

Baby Swim
Baby Swim

Proper knowledge of water safety and swimming can considerably reduce a child’s risk of drowning and provide them with the much-needed skills that may one day save their life.

Some of the water safety tips for babies are:

  • Always Stay Near 

Always remember to be close enough to the child while in a pool. You should be at such a distance that you are able to lay a hand on your child. Keep babies within your arm’s reach, and always be alert. Babies can drown in even very little water.

  • Beware Of Inflatable Pools

It’s easy for a baby to lean over and fall headfirst into a pool/ a water body. Always remember to supervise them carefully, and if you have a smaller pool in your house then remember to empty them after use. Also, fence off large pools so that accidents may not happen.

  • Hit The Books

All parents should have basic knowledge in CPR. and a basic water-safety training. You can get these instructional videos on youtube.

  • Skip The Floaties

It is advised not to depend on air-filled aids for swimming as they are deflatable and are easily punctured.

  • Fence 

Ensure that your home’s swimming pool is surrounded by four-sided fencing and is at least four feet high. It should also have a childproof gate.

  • Hold Off Lessons Until They Are Atleast Of 12 Months

Formal water lessons are not to be given to children who are younger than 1 year old.

Factors To Ensure 

Here are a few factors that you need to make sure of before you teach your baby to swim: 

  • If it is in the town pool that you are going to go and teach your child to swim in, then make sure to arrive early, as the town pool is always less crowded early in the morning. 

During that early morning, the sun is also less strong, lowering the chances of skin damage due to the baby’s exposure to the sun’s rays while practicing swimming. But do remember to apply sunscreen on your baby, though! Not just any sunscreen; it should be one of the specialized baby skincare products.

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  • Always remember to be relaxed, too, as a parent. Babies can sense your mood. So, if you seem to enjoy it, then your babies would, too, by following your lead. Start off the swimming lesson slowly by dipping your baby’s toes into the water first.
  • Remember to entertain your baby. You can take along a toy with you. Hold them under the armpits and sway them back and forth by singing songs to them. So they feel no fear.
  • If they do seem upset, though, then simply get out of the pool. You want your baby’s first time in the pool to be a pleasant experience for them. Forcing them to go in the water can do more harm than good – it will then instill fear in them.

Some Fun Games To Try Out

Your babies might love playing with their pop it fidget toy and other such toys at home. But here are some of the fun games that you can try out with your babies while taking them on swimming lessons:

  1. Babies like to copy their parents. It’s only normal and natural. So you can sink your toes in the water or even dunk your nose into the water – this may lead to your little one copying you as well!
  2. Dangle your little one’s feet into the water and then gently pull them around. It will lead to them kicking the water and adapting themselves to the use of water resistance.
  3. Lay down your baby on a mat (preferably a foam mat)– on their bellies and then move it back and forth. This will eventually lead them to gain strength in their neck and back and make them feel secure while floating.
  4. If you want to get them moving in the water, then do this trick. Just place a rubber duckie a bit out of their reach and coax your children into grabbing it and pulling it towards them. You need to make sure that while you do this you are holding your baby from the back.

Swimming Essentials To Carry

Here are a few swimming essentials that you must carry for your child:

  • Spare Towels

You would definitely want to carry a few towels. You could wrap the infant in and when you exit the pool. Towels that have hoods are excellent in keeping babies warm.

  • Extra Nappies

It’s a great idea to take diapers made for swimming in addition to some of your regular diapers for after swimming. 

  • Snacks

Your kid will definitely be hungry after all that swimming and kicking, so pack a drink and a snack, such as a yogurt or a banana. If your child has not started solids yet, then you might want to bottle-feed them by taking them to a quiet place.

Tip: You could even carry baby massage oil or baby cream to the swimming pool.

To Wrap It Up!

The above-mentioned tips and tricks will surely come to your help and ensure that your child has a fun and laughter-filled happy swimming session.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts about the same.