A definitive guide on custom pizza boxes: Interesting box designs

Pizza Boxes

The current age is seeing a meteoric increase in fast food consumption, especially pizzas. As a result, the demand for pizza packaging boxes is more than ever.

Pizza lovers are always on the lookout for fresh and tasteful pizza to satiate their cravings. Therefore, it is imperative for pizzerias to house this fast-food item in quality packaging that leads to garnering the trust of consumers. Pizza boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to cater to the needs of pizzerias. This blog dives deep into covering enough information about Custom Pizza Boxes.

So, let us start without further ado!

Why Custom Pizza boxes?

Are you a pizzeria and aspiring for more sales? Primarily it depends upon the quality of the pizza you are producing. And secondly, the packaging quality of pizza packaging boxes.

Custom pizza boxes are the best packaging solution that reign supreme in both aspects like visual appeal and the ability to retain taste and freshness.

You can stand out in this hyper-competition with this deluxe packaging idea. Moreover, custom pizza boxes leave an indelible impression of quality on your customers.

Why use pizza boxes with custom printing?

Effective and wise printing can make your products stand out from your competitors. And, pizza packaging is not an exception. Customized pizza boxes are a great option to boost sales.

Pizza boxes with custom printing and worth using due to following reasons:

1-Preserve the flavor and freshness of pizzas and renders a memorable experience for the buyers.

2- You can promote your brand by printing the logo and tagline on these boxes.

3-Reduce the packaging waste of pizza.

5 Unique custom pizza boxes ideas

Let us present to you a few fantastic packaging ideas for custom pizza boxes:

1-Mouth wide open pizza boxes

One of the most innovative and alluring designs that give an illustration of a wide open mouth that is imprinted on the outer periphery of the pizza box. This fun-loving and exciting design of these boxes is ready to house mouth-watering, flavorful pizza spreading its aroma in the air.

Such type of pizza box design is great in attracting young consumers such as adults and young ones. This type of packaging is dime a dozen in pizza sleepover parties.

2-Caricatured pizza boxes

It is an interesting pizza packaging option that has funny and cartoonist themes and caricatures on the outer side of the packaging.

Kids gravitate to this packaging more and as a result, your brand can earn a respectful and credible identity in this segment of the target audience. For instance, a cartoon of a dragon springing its tongue can amuse and excite kids a lot.

3- Air mail pizza box

 Certain pizza-selling brands employ the use of airmail in imitation of a pizza box, and it’s a stunning illustration of the designer’s amazing aesthetics.

This kind of packaging is popular for commercial purposes. They offer a stunning appearance of classic art and offer plenty of space to print or write the message of your choice. Most senior people like this design to its decency. Personalized pizza boxes of this design give your brand an upper hand over your competitors.

4- Hell pizza

 The pizza box is a type of custom-printed box designed to represent the image of hell. And oh my god!

 It’s dressed in a sinister manner! But, as a religious person, there are some who have real concerns about buying this kind of offensive work of art in the shape of a bizarre pizza box. But, many people may appreciate it because suppliers to design to resemble the coffin. They will find it funny and unusual, and a unique work of haunted punk art.

5- Nightmare pizza packaging

A few maverick designers draw an entire nightmare on Custom Pizza Box and this sort of unusual packaging is most often adored by the funny, witty, and fun pizza-loving crowd just like young adolescents.

Final Words

These pizza box options are sure to work and can bring out innumerable sales for your pizzeria. Moreover, you can build your brand identity among the target audience so that they can hold your pizzeria in high regard.

So, if you are looking for productive and artistically-crafted custom pizza boxes, reach out to Global Custom Packaging to get creatively-designed pizza boxes at wholesale rates with free design assistance and free delivery across the USA.