5 Tips to Recreate That Cabin Interior Design


Sometimes, a trip into nature can be a healing and relaxing experience. Whether they’re camping trips, or trips to sleepover in a cabin in the woods, there’s just something about being able to immerse oneself in nature that feels incredibly rejuvenating.

The question is, is it possible to recreate that experience when you’re back home in the city or suburbs? The answer is, of course, a resounding, “Yes! There are ways to make that happen even in your own home.”

And so, to help you out a bit, we’ve listed down 5 tips to help you recreate that cabin design right there in your own home.

1. Make Use of Natural, Earthy Colors
One of the first things you have to give attention to when it comes to recreating that log cabin feel is your choice of color palette. Warm, earthy colors best suit this atmosphere. That means going with dark reds and oranges, as well as all kinds of browns and wooden textures and materials.

Cooler colors aren’t exactly off the table either. Pairing these warm colors with accents of relaxing and leafy greens or vibrant blues can add a bit of contrast and texture to your overall aesthetic, allowing you to completely recreate that forest atmosphere.

2. Use Warm Lighting
As much as possible, try to make best use of all sources of natural light. If your windows are big or wide enough, though, you can always add a couple of light fixtures to fill in the rest of your space. Using metallic floor lamps, lanterns, or chandeliers are a great way to add to that rustic and outdoorsy look and feel.

3. Gather Around a Fireplace
There’s nothing more iconic of that forest getaway than a cozy fire. House doesn’t have a built-in fireplace? Not a problem. These days you can actually purchase a portable fireplace to add to your home. All you have to do, afterwards, is create your cabin setup with the fireplace at its heart. Almost instantly, you’ll find yourself resting underneath that cozy warmth and atmosphere as if you were deep in the mountains or forests.

4. Add A Touch of Mother Nature
If that’s not enough to help you fully transport and immerse yourself into the woods, then you can always bring parts of the outdoors indoors. A couple of potted plants, or some unique rocks and boulders are a perfect addition to your cabin design. You can also setup a couple of bowls filled with pine cones, flowers, or potpourri as finishing touches to your display.

5. Install a Forest Mural Wallpaper
Lastly, if all that still isn’t enough, and you can’t help but feel as though you’re still trapped within the concrete jungles of the city, you can always choose to have a forest mural wallpaper installed in your home.

PixlScapes, for example, has some photorealistic as well as artistic designs for forest mural wallpapers that can help transport you deep into the forest. Some designs also resemble oil painting landscapes that overlook canopies, rivers, and lakes. Set your furniture and cabin sets against these forest murals and you might just feel as though you’re literally in a cabin by the wood.

If you’re interested, and want to browse through PixlScapes’s forest mural wallpapers, just head on over to their website and pick out the design that you feel would best help you escape into mother nature from the comfort of your own home.

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