Common Myths About North Carolina’s Phone Repair Stores That You Should Ignore

Phone Repair Stores

Without our mobile phones, our modern lifestyles would be incomplete. We use them on a daily basis for communication, work, navigation, entertainment, and other purposes. However, if your phone drops and breaks, you should immediately get help from a phone repair store in North Carolina. We know how hard it can be without using our phones for a day!

As technology continues to advance, so has the phone repair industry. However, many people continue to spread erroneous information depending on their negative experiences. These misconceptions and rumors cause a lot of uncertainty among those who need their broken phones repaired. In this blog, we will debunk some phone repair myths.

Let’s get started!

Rumors About North Carolina’s Phone Repair Shops

You should know this and learn the truth about these rumors because rumors are always just that—rumors.

Your Personal Information Will Be Stolen

Contrary to popular misconception, most cell phone repairs do not need a data wipe. Cracked and shattered displays, malfunctioning batteries and buttons, and water damage are the most common phone issues. Most of these hardware-related issues have nothing to do with your data.

And don’t worry about your personal information being stolen if you perform a factory reset (advised) before giving your cell phone to the store for repairs. Professionals at a phone repair shop in North Carolina would never look into your unlocked device unless absolutely necessary. If that’s the case, they’ll still need your approval.

Repairs Are Time-Consuming

Users are so addicted to and reliant on their phones that they disregard the issues when the phone gets damaged.  These individuals are hesitant to take their smartphones to a phone repair shop because they fear repairs will take a long time. This is entirely false! Most repairs, such as screen replacement, can be done quickly; however, more complicated repairs can take as long as an hour. Since the procedure is so short, some phone repair shops even have waiting areas. Unlike manufacturer’s service centers, you will not have to wait several days for your smartphone to be returned.

Your Smartphone Will Never Be the Same Again

This is undoubtedly a rumor. If your smartphone breaks because you dropped it by accident, there’s a high possibility it may be repaired. This is if dropping it damages the LCD. The motherboard is extremely unlikely to be damaged. Just replacing the screen will restore your phone to new condition.

Water Damage Cannot Be Properly Repaired by Phone Repair Shops

If your smartphone falls into the water, do not panic. There is still hope for it. If your smartphone still does not switch on after you remove it from the water and place it in rice, phone repair shops have a variety of solutions. Before calling the company or purchasing a new phone, consider taking it to a local phone repair store in North Carolina.

Repairing a Cell Phone Is Expensive

Most customers think that repairing their phones will cost a fortune. WRONG. Sure, there are some bad apples in the sector. However, there are also good people who work within the same industry. Not everyone is willing to cheat their customers. Even if you have encountered a few bad phone repair shops or professionals, you will normally discover places with affordable repair charges and quality service in North Carolina.

Visit a Local Phone Repair Store in North Carolina

Do you live in North Carolina and have a broken phone? Don’t waste your time believing rumors; instead, take it to a nearby phone repair shop right now. In Downtown Fayetteville, NC, there are numerous respected and trustworthy repair stores, such as Quack Quack Phone Repair. Their experts will ensure that all of your technical problems are fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to erase everything from the phone before sending it for repair?

If your phone contains sensitive information, you can reset it first before sending it for repairs. Before proceeding, make a complete backup of your iOS/Android phone. However, you should also note your device’s IMEI number.

Why do phone repair experts ask for my password?

They require your passcode to diagnose any problems that arise after the screen has been repaired, not necessarily while it is being repaired. They would never put something unlawful on your device because it would jeopardize their entire business.

How long does it take to change the screen on a mobile?

It takes about two hours. Only if the damage to the touch panel has harmed the inner smartphone screen does the complete screen need to be replaced.

Can I use my smartphone with a shattered screen?

Other than being unattractive, you are endangering your cell phone and putting yourself in danger by continuing to use it. So, to answer your question, no, it is not okay or safe to continue using it!

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