12 Reasons Why Your Phone Hangs by Phone Repair Store

Why Your Phone Hangs

Mobile phones have become integral to our lives. They are a part of our daily routine because our lives depend on these small devices. From personal to professional data, everything is stored in our smartphones and is easily reachable to us whenever we need it. As they have advanced with time, they have become delicate, fragile, and prone to any damage, issue, and malfunctions. Therefore, you should always look for a reliable phone repair store if any damage occurs to your device. One of the most common problems we face with mobile phones is the hanging issue. There can be several reasons behind hanging your mobile phones, from hardware to software malfunctions. If you are also going through the hanging issue with your phone, you should try the DIY methods that you know about fixing the issue, but if you are unaware, you must go to Forever Tech Wireless if you are in Gahanna, OH, and they can get the problem fixed for you. 

A cell phone repair store in Gahanna, OH, gives several reasons behind the hanging of your phone. These reasons are:

Storage Check

Our phone is loaded with heavy apps and data like games, videos, photos, etc., which occupy abundant space. Some people take really good photos and are heavy users. Usually, their mobile phone camera is set at 4k resolution and HDR videos, due to which the photos and videos are made high-quality, taking a lot of space. Also, people have over 50 apps on their mobile phones but do not use more than 9 apps daily. Extra and unwanted apps take up all the free space, and when your phone is full of storage, it causes the hanging problem. Try solving the issue but if the problem persists, go to a cell phone repair center. They will make a proper diagnosis and fix the issue.  

Ram Storage

Sometimes, the RAM i.e. internal memory of your phone, is full, due to which your phone starts hanging. When the RAM of your phone is low, and you are using multiple apps on that, the hanging problem remains. Try clearing out the space which is taken by unwanted data. Delete duplicate photos, and set your camera at 1080 resolution because the pictures can also be good from this resolution. Delete all the unwanted apps that are not in use and merge all the duplicate contacts if you have them. Different mobile phones have different internal storage. Smartphones have different RAM storage like 2 GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. If you think you are a heavy user of smartphones and you have a lot of personal and professional data to keep in your mobile phone, try buying a phone with larger RAM storage, like 32GB. When you do it, you will not face RAM storage problems, but if your device’s RAM is 2GB or 4GB, try to save data accordingly or back up your data in external storage so that your phone has free space and the hanging problems will not occur. 

Running Applications Together

When some applications are working together, they swallow more space. People use social media apps simultaneously, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. When all these apps work together or run at the back, it takes up your phone’s space. To avoid this, clear all the apps running in the background from the recent apps and keep the apps that are needed for the smooth functioning of your smartphone. 

Heavy games and videos

When you make heavy videos on your mobile phone or utilize it to play heavy games for a longer time, it will lessen the ability of the phone, and it will start to hang. If there is insufficient storage in your RAM, don’t indulge in playing heavy games and uninstall them. If any other issue occurs, like overheating and your device cannot charge, get your phone checked by a professional at the phone repair shop


Doing multiple tasks and running more than several tabs can slower the processor. A slow processor results in the hanging of the phone. If you face any issue like longer boot time, get it checked immediately. 

Check if there’s a Virus in your device

If you download the applications from insecure sites, this can cause virus in your mobile device, and your phone can get slow or hangs. Get a good antivirus for your phone to eliminate all the viruses and malware. If you can’t do it yourself, get it done by expert technicians. 

Phone memory Overloaded?

If your mobile phone is loaded with photos, songs, and pictures, transfer the data from your device’s memory to the memory card so that your phone will not hang. If the memory card is also full, transfer the files to a laptop or computer. 


When you use your phone too much or in an environment that is not suitable for your smartphone, it overheats and hangs your phone. Try resolving the issue if you are aware of it. Get to know the reason behind overheating. Try changing the environment and getting away from the sunlight, or give your device a rest so it can cool down. 

Outdated Software

If you frequently face hanging problems, it will be best to keep updating your software. Sometimes, outdated software is the cause of hanging. Updating software resolves all the problems be it hanging off the phone or anything else. 

Animated Wallpaper

It is best for smartphone users to put a simple wallpaper on their mobile phones. Live or animated wallpaper can sometimes cause a hang. 


Several temporary data and files automatically get downloaded when you download any software or app. So if you see such data, delete them, and clear all the cache and temp.

Installing too many Apps

No matter how revolutionized they are, smartphones are still electronic devices, and when you download and install too many apps simultaneously, the phone can get hung. It’s better to complete the tasks on your phone one by one to prevent hanging issues. 

cell Phone Repair Store resolves all your complaints and repair requests. You can schedule the maintenance meeting anytime with them, and their experts will know what to do if any problem arises. 

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